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What they’re afraid their regulars will find out.

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What they’re afraid their regulars will find out. Recently I started posting articles and comments on the disqus house channels. And yes I asked folks to not post there because I knew you would not receive a warm welcome. The moderators are left and extreme left.

Now there are a few good Conservatives who post and write really good articles. But by far the left controls the narrative.

But I remember when the websites were opened, two leftists asked their followers to not go there. Stay on the obscure website. What they didn’t tell their cult following was that they would go there and troll Conservatives, flag, and downvote.  Their goal was to get articles off topic and get Conservatives banned.

What they didn’t expect to happen was that many of their comments were deleted. Not banned but deleted. I called the one moderators bluff. It said that it was going to ban the two cultists and myself. It didn’t happen. So I’ll give updates as they happen.





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