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What they’re afraid their regulars will find out.

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What they’re afraid their regulars will find out. Recently I started posting articles and comments on the disqus house channels. And yes I asked folks to not post there because I knew you would not receive a warm welcome. The moderators are left and extreme left.

Now there are a few good Conservatives who post and write really good articles. But by far the left controls the narrative.

But I remember when the websites were opened, two leftists asked their followers to not go there. Stay on the obscure website. What they didn’t tell their cult following was that they would go there and troll Conservatives, flag, and downvote.  Their goal was to get articles off topic and get Conservatives banned.

What they didn’t expect to happen was that many of their comments were deleted. Not banned but deleted. I called the one moderators bluff. It said that it was going to ban the two cultists and myself. It didn’t happen. So I’ll give updates as they happen.



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OOPS! ‘Revolutionary Communists’ Target Jason Aldean Concert, Aren’t So Tough When Police Show Up

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If you need any further proof that America is the freest country in the world, look no further than the type of idiocy this country tolerates.

A brazen incident at a Jason Aldean concert was crystal clear proof of that fact.

Aldean was performing in Tinley Park, Illinois, just outside Chicago, on Saturday night when a group calling themselves “Revolutionary Communists” (yes, they have a website, and yes, it looks like it’s been built with pre-Soviet Union era computers) showed up to make some sort of statement.

The statement? Oh, just your typical communist nonsense whilst burning the American flag.

Reporter Ford Fischer took to X, formerly Twitter, and shared some video of the “revolutionaries” burning the flag, and the police response to it.

In the first video Fischer shared, the small group of communists set fire to the American flag while chanting a variety of nonsense.

“F*** the U.S. and all its lies!” you can hear in the video. You can barely make out whatever other perceived grievances this group claims it has.

Eventually, you can hear the police declaring this group’s antics constituted “unlawful assembly.”

But this is where some wildly unintentional comedy rears its funny head.

This band of “revolutionaries” … packed up and left, with nary a fuss.

Could you imagine if these ingrates had been around during the American Revolution? This country would still be eating crumpets and drinking (unfairly taxed) tea.

A second video from Fischer shows that instead of taking up their arms and fighting back against this perceived fascism, these “revolutionaries” opted for cute little chants and phrases — perhaps the most emblematic microcosm imaginable for the current state of the country.

You can hear the communists declare “We did it in a small town,” which is a clear reference to Aldean’s wildly popular and equally controversial song, “Try That in a Small Town.”

If by “we did it,” they meant that they stood around and burned the U.S. flag before meekly kowtowing to the police, then sure. They absolutely “did it.”

But if they’re trying to affect any actual change?

They honestly probably could’ve gotten more done with a “one, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war” chant.

Adding to the unintentional comedy of this all, the “RevComs” took to their 1994 GeoCities-inspired web site to — gloat?

“In the weeks leading up to the Jason Aldean concert in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park, the Revcoms pledged that we would CALL OUT fascist country singer Jason Aldean and burn an American flag at his concert in defiance of his Lynch mob anthem, ‘Try That in a Small Town.’ And that is exactly what we did this past Saturday,” the group bragged on Monday.

From their website which, incidentally, calls for the overthrow of the government. BUT THEY’LL TAKE YOUR FILTHY CAPITALIST MONEY! — TPR

Couple of quick points here:

  1. For the love of vocabulary, can someone please buy leftists dictionaries and thesauruses? Fascism does not mean people you disagree with. To quote the great fictional philosopher Iñigo Montoya, “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.”
  2. Color this writer skeptical, but a demonstration is typically more effective when it’s actually presented in front of the alleged “fascist,” no? Bragging you got to stand out in the streets before bending the knee to the police isn’t exactly a “revolution.”

At the end of the day, this incident does capture so much of what’s wrong with this country: It’s filled with idiotic ingrates.

Is America perfect? Heck no. Should America constantly seek to improve itself? Heck yes.

America is still the best and freest country in the world (perhaps to a fault, but that’s a different story for a different time). The fact that these buffoons get to share their idiocy with the world in such a public manner, while burning the flag of this country, is a testament to that.

But just as they have the right to show their rears to the world, so too does the rest of the country have the right to point at laugh at them.

And between their horrid website, spineless rhetoric and utter lack of vocabulary, you’d be hard pressed not to guffaw at these “revolutionaries.”

They sure made a good impression, didn’t they?

Having trouble getting ‘X’ links to open on the page. –TPR


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Multinational Corporations Celebrate Pride Month in America, But No Rainbows to Be Found in Middle East Marketing.

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Multinational Corporations Celebrate Pride Month in America, But No Rainbows to Be Found in Middle East Marketing.
Image: @EndWokeness/Twitter


Social media users are calling out the corporate hypocrisy of the enthusiastic virtue signaling of pride month in the U.S. yet making no such grand statements in advertising campaigns in the Middle East.


Fox News reports:

Video game developer Bethesda, for its part, posted a tweet on June 2 acknowledging pride month while its Middle East account made no such reference nor had it updated its profile picture.


Pfizer, for example, displays the pride themed logo for its Twitter accounts in countries such as America, Mexico, and Canada, but is absent for countries like Saudi Arabia.

Comedian Leo Kearse also jumped in to call out the corporations, writing “Corporations: celebrating pride where it makes them money, not celebrating it where it doesn’t.”

According to Human Rights Watch, government officials in the Middle East target LGBTQ+ individuals.



Teachers UNIONS put up the yellow flag. Cowards are afraid they’re going to die.

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Teachers UNIONS put up the yellow flag. Cowards are afraid they’re going to die. The UNION thugs want to lock down the schools nationwide. Afraid of the virus is going to get them.

Let’s fix this nonsense. President needs to declare them essential workers. That way you take away the bitching and moaning.


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