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Yes Virginia, Emissions in California are getting worse not better.

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Yes Virginia, Emissions in California are getting worse not better. I did an article at breaking news where I sugar coated it so Progressive cultist could understand. Well they just wanted to pretend that facts don’t matter. When ever you give them facts, they go to the 12th paragraph and line 27 and say but it says this. So here in the reality world(not progressives’ wet dreams) are the facts.

Now even a fanatic on the left points out that the state is lying about the real emission numbers in California.

“Governor Newsom has taken unprecedented action to get there — investing tens of billions of dollars to transition to clean energy, taking action to cut pollution, and moving us away from fossil fuels.” What gets counted in these estimates?

Research by Leehi Yona, a PhD candidate at Stanford’s School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences, showed that California omits key emission sources from its greenhouse accounting numbers — from aviation to shipping and wildfires.

“An increase in emissions is concerning in and of itself, but it’s also important to know that those emissions are underestimates to begin with,” she said. “So the fact that they’re increasing is doubly worrying, if we’re thinking about our progress as a state addressing climate change.”

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Concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere continue to increase globally and in California. In California is the key word here.


What does the indicator show?

Monthly average atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations

The graph shows monthly average atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations measured in parts per million at four locations: (1) Mauna Loa, Hawaii (1958-2021); (2) La Jolla (1957-2021); (3) Point Arena (1999-2011); (4) Trinidad Head (2002-2017).

In the last five years, the yearly increase in carbon dioxide levels accelerated to about 2.4 ppm per year from an average rate of 1.6 ppm per year over the past 6 decades.

Here’s the bottom line. The earth is not in great danger the way the left claims. But California with it’s strict rules and guidelines still can’t control nature.





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