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You make the call. Egypt says Hamas and their followers stay out.

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You make the call. Egypt says Hamas and their followers stay out. The Egyptian Prime minister does not want these Arabs posing as a make believe group called Palestinians. Hamas loyalists are most likely in this group also. In the past several other countries forced these folks out. Egypt does not want to see these folks on their land. We have this from the WSJ.

Amid rising pressure on Egypt to admit Palestinian refugees, the country’s prime minister, Mostafa Madbouly, said it remained committed to protecting its land and sovereignty regardless of the cost.

“We are prepared to sacrifice millions of lives to ensure that no one encroaches upon our territory,” Madbouly told a gathering in Sinai of military leaders, local tribal leaders, members of parliament and other politicians. The prime minister said Egypt would never allow any imposed situation or the settlement of regional issues at its expense. Senior officials in Egypt said however that the country would start taking in severely wounded Palestinians from Gaza on Wednesday to receive treatment at field hospitals in north Sinai.





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