Code words for Anti Semite. I’m Pro-Palestinian.

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Code words for Anti Semite. I’m Pro-Palestinian. We’re hearing about all these protests nationwide. Heck even worldwide. River to Sea, Free Palestine, but yet it wasn’t Israel who killed whole families in a sneak attack. Burned babies, beheaded people, etc.

Look at the college protests. what does kill the Jews have to do with free Palestine? Most of these skulls full of mush have no idea of what’s going on. Now are there Arabs who are concerned and do wish for co-existence? Yes but they’re not the ones protesting.

You have a Cornel Student arrested for wanting to kill Jews. He published posts in an online discussion forum in which he threatened to kill and injure Cornell’s Jewish students and “shoot up” the university’s predominantly kosher dining hall.

In one post, Dai wrote he would “bring an assault rifle to campus” and shoot Jewish people, This is how you free Palestine?




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