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Trump Turns Biden’s Alleged Insult into Fundraising Fuel, Calls On ‘Every Patriot Reading This Message to Chip In’.

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Trump Turns Biden’s Alleged Insult into Fundraising Fuel, Calls On ‘Every Patriot Reading This Message to Chip In’. I found this on several websites, but this one is most interesting.

byRounak Jain, Benzinga Staff Writer

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly using President Biden’s alleged derogatory remarks about him as a means to raise funds.

What Happened: Trump is capitalizing on claims that Biden referred to him as a “sick f**k” during a private conversation. In a recent fundraising email to his followers, Trump suggested that Biden’s alleged remarks were not just targeted at him, but at all his supporters, reported The Hill.

The fundraising email also drew attention to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s infamous “deplorables” comment, implying that Biden “will spit on us” and use every curse word to describe his supporters.

Trump urged his followers to demonstrate their patriotism and support him, assuring them that they would be “the ones laughing on Election Day.”

This fundraising effort comes after reports that Trump’s fundraising committees spent nearly $30 million in legal fees for the former president in the second half of 2023.

This is another instance in a series of Trump’s fundraising attempts, which have also included capitalizing off his criminal indictments and state efforts to remove him from primary ballots.

Why It Matters: Biden had reportedly described Trump as a “sick f**k” who takes pleasure in others’ misfortunes in private conversations. Later that day, former National Security Adviser John Bolton affirmed Biden’s remarks, stating that Biden had accurately captured Trump’s personality.

Earlier, Biden mocked Trump for his incorrect prediction of a stock market collapse if Biden won the 2020 election.

Trump currently leads Biden in the 2024 presidential election race – a RealClearPolitics poll shows Trump with 46.6% support, while Biden has 44.8% support.





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