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What a sly dog. Schiff plays the long game eliminate other Democrats.

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What a sly dog. Schiff plays the long game to eliminate other Democrats.Schiff has decided that he can’t beat Porter in a one on one, so he’s built up Garvey hoping Garvey finishes second.

In a two way race Schiff leads Garvey 52-38%. But in a two way race with Porter, it’s tied. In the California races, the top two go on to the next level.

Who supports Schiff?

Democrat mega-donor Ed Buck – who was convicted of two counts of distribution of controlled substances resulting in death in 2022, as Breitbart News reported – was another donor to Schiff’s campaign and was also “a social acquaintance” of the representative.

Furthermore, a “Schiff booster” and lawyer named Arthur Charchian, “the head of the Southern California Armenian Democrats,” was implicated in a money laundering scheme.




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