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Articles that MSM doesn’t do justice to.

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Articles that MSM doesn’t do justice to.

Below are links to articles that MSM usually ignores and hopes that the common man and woman won’t read? Why? They aren’t written from a progressive spin.

#10 – Top law professor labels mRNA COVID-19 injections “weapons of mass destruction.”

#9 – Joe Biden’s daily pharmaceuticals have reportedly been revealed.

#8 – Joe Rogan now questions if elections are even “real.”

#7 – Candace Owens destroys Piers Morgan in a one-on-one debate about the COVID shots.

#6 – Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels explodes on California’s woke policies. “You’ve lost your f*cking mind!”

#5 – The US-Saudi petrodollar deal ends after fifty years, and nobody’s talking about it.

#4 – Senator Lindsay Graham gives away the neocon playbook to the war in Ukraine.

#3 – Actor Kevin Spacey breaking his silence on Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Bill Clinton.

#2 – Newly-surfaced video exposes Nancy Pelosi admitting responsibility for unprotected US Capitol on January 6.

#1 – European elections see a dramatic shift to the right across the entire continent.





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