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You be the Judge.

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You be the Judge. Gateway Pundit got a partial victory by getting a redacted copy of the Ghost writers interview. See below.

“Zwonitzer stated that at some point he deleted the audio files subfolder from his laptop and external hard drive. No relevant deleted files were recovered from the laptop. Deleted audio files were recovered from a subfolder on the external hard drive labeled “Audio.” Based on the available evidence from the forensic review, we assess that all deleted audio files were recovered from that subfolder. For three of the recovered files, portions of the audio appeared to be missing, and a fourth file appeared to have portions overwritten with a separate recording. These results are possible when forensic tools are used to recover deleted files. For each of these four incomplete or overwritten files, Zwonitzer produced his corresponding transcripts to investigators. These notes summarized the content of the conversations, two of which were with Mr. Biden and two of which were with Beau Biden’s doctor,” the report read.






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