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Not making this up. Compared to 2019, all employment growth has gone to the foreign-born.

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Not making this up. Compared to 2019, all employment growth has gone to the foreign-born. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, an independent, non-partisan, non-profit research organization founded in 1985. It is the nation’s only think tank devoted exclusively to research and policy analysis of the economic, social, demographic, fiscal, and other impacts of immigration on the United States.

Where do they get their numbers? US Beauru of Labor statistics. Below is what they found.

  • While the numbers have continually rebounded from the lows of 2020, there were still 183,000 fewer U.S.-born Americans working in the fourth quarter of 2023 than in the fourth quarter of 2019, before Covid. The number of immigrants (legal and illegal) working is up 2.9 million over 2019. (Figure 4 and Table 2)
  • The unemployment rate in the fourth quarter of 2023 was 3.5 percent and 3.7 percent for the U.S.-born and immigrants respectively. However, the unemployed do not include those out of the labor force — neither working nor looking for work. (Table 2 and Table 8)
  • The overall labor force participation rate of all U.S.-born adults (18 to 64) in the fourth quarter of 2023 of 77 percent roughly matches the pre-covid rate in 2019. But it was still below the prior peaks of 78.1 percent in 2006 and 79.2 percent in 2000. (Figure 1 and Table 3)
  • Immigration has added significantly to the number of workers without a bachelor’s degree. Of the 2.9 million increase in immigrant workers, 1.7 million (60 percent) are adults 18 and older without a bachelor’s degree. (Table 2 and Table 6)
  • At 75.6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2023, the labor force participation rate of U.S.-born men without a bachelor’s (18 to 64) has still not returned to the 76.3 percent it was in the fourth quarter of 2019, which was lower than the 80.5 percent in 2006 and the 82.6 percent in 2000. (Figure 7, Tables 8-11)
  • Compared to the 1960s, when more than 90 percent of these working-age, less-educated U.S.-born men were in the labor force, the rate today is dramatically lower.
  • At 66.4 percent, the labor force participation rate of U.S.-born women (18 to 64) without a bachelor’s in the fourth quarter of 2023 has returned to the 2019 level, but is still well below the 70.7 percent in 2000. (Tables 8, 9, and 11)
  • The share of immigrant men (18 to 64) in the fourth quarter of 2023 without a bachelor’s degree in the labor force is 85.5 percent, higher than the rate for U.S.-born men, but still below the 86.4 percent in 2019. (Figure 7, Table 8, and Table 9)
  • There were a total of 43.5 million U.S.-born men and women (16 to 64) of all education levels not in the labor force in the fourth quarter of 2023 — 8.6 million more than in 2000. More than two-thirds of the U.S.-born not in the labor force are adults 18 to 64 without a bachelor’s degree. (Table 1 and Table 5)
  • The total number of U.S.-born and immigrants of working age (16 to 64), both sexes and all education levels not working — unemployed or not in the labor force — was 59 million in the fourth quarter of 2023. This is an enormous pool of potential workers to draw upon. This figure includes 320,000 unemployed people 65 and older. (Tables 1 and 2)
  • In addition to the working-age, the labor force participation of those ages 65 to 74 increased steadily until 2019. But it fell significantly during the pandemic and at 26.5 percent for the U.S.-born and 30.9 percent for immigrants in the fourth quarter of 2023 it has not returned to the pre-Covid 2019 level for either group. (Table 7)
  • Download Figures and Tables Here.



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Biden Cartel began it’s crime spree in 1974. Still continues today.

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Biden Cartel began it’s crime spree in 1974. Still continues today. This cartel has been going on since 1974 when Joe was in the Senate. Continued when he was VP, and allegedly is still going on today.

You also have his son Hunter and brother Jim who have been involved with various alleged crimes. From classified documents to money laundering, to gun charges, etc. Some may even say this would make a good Irish Godfather type movie. Less the violent killing of competators. We were watned back in 2019.


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The List: 64 Ways Joe Biden Opened America’s Borders to the World’s Migrants.

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The List: 64 Ways Joe Biden Opened America’s Borders to the World’s Migrants.

Reprint from Breitbart article.

Below are the 64 actions Biden has taken to open the nation’s borders:

  1. Jan 20, 2021: President Biden terminated the National Emergency at the Southwest border (Proclamation 9844), thereby halting emergency construction of a border wall.


    Migrants attempt to climb over the border wall from Mexicali, Mexico, to Calexico, USA, along the U.S.-Mexico border near the port of entry on May 13, 2023, in Mexicali, Baja California. (Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

  2. Jan 20, 2021: President Biden issued an Executive Order (EO) further entrenching the unlawful Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. With his action, President Biden directed the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Attorney General, “to preserve and fortify DACA”, signaling to illegal aliens that his Administration supports amnesty and that illegal aliens need not fear coming to the U.S. or worry about immigration enforcement.

  3. Jan 20, 2021: President Biden unveiled the U.S. Citizenship Act, which would provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the U.S., demonstrating intent to reward illegal border crossers with a path to citizenship.

  4. Jan 20, 2021: President Biden revoked Trump-era Executive Order that was designed to ensure there was meaningful enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.


    EAGLE PASS, TEXAS - DECEMBER 20: Immigrants wait to be processed at a U.S. Border Patrol transit center after they crossed the border from Mexico on December 20, 2023 in Eagle Pass, Texas. A late-year surge of migrants crossing the U.S.southern border has overwhelmed U.S. immigration officials. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

    Immigrants wait to be processed at a U.S. Border Patrol transit center after they crossed the border from Mexico on December 20, 2023, in Eagle Pass, Texas. (John Moore/Getty Images)

  5. Jan 20, 2021: The Administration issued an Executive action ending limitations and restrictions against immigration from certain countries associated with terrorism.

  6. Jan 20, 2021: The Biden Administration announced a 100-day moratorium on deportations and immigration enforcement, effectively providing amnesty to criminal and other removable aliens and sending the signal the Biden Administration would not enforce the law. The Administration also announced interim immigration enforcement guidelines that signaled to illegal aliens that they do not have to worry about the possibility of deportation.

  7. Feb 1, 2021: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) implemented Acting Secretary Pekoske’s policy requiring a new “process [that] shall provide for assessments of alternatives to removal including, but not limited to, staying or reopening cases, alternative forms of detention, custodial detention, whether to grant temporary deferred action, or other appropriate action.”

  8. Feb 2, 2021: President Biden issued Executive Order (EO) 14010 and began processing asylum claims at the border. In the EO, the President also signaled an end to the Migrant Protection Protocols (which is known as “Remain in Mexico” or “MPP”) while making other statements signaling an open border.


    A large migrant group crossed the border from Mexico into Eagle Pass, Texas. (Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas)

    A large migrant group crosses the border from Mexico into Eagle Pass, Texas. (Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas)

  9. Feb 6, 2021: Secretary of State Antony Blinken suspended, and began termination procedures, for the Trump Administration’s Asylum Cooperative Agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. These agreements ensured aliens seeking asylum could do so in countries closer to their home country and in countries other than the United States.

  10. Feb 2021: The Biden Administration voluntarily stopped applying Title 42 expulsions to children across the board, setting off a major wave of unaccompanied alien children, family units, and illegal aliens generally heading to the U.S. border.

  11. Feb 17, 2021: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) exempted unaccompanied alien children (UAC) from Title 42 expulsion requirements, thereby encouraging UACs to come to the U.S. and parents to pay cartels to smuggle their children to the U.S. border.

  12. Feb 25, 2021: The Biden Administration sped up releases of UACs.


    An immigrant child wearing a Spider-Man t-shirt looks at a U.S. Border Patrol agent after crossing the border from Mexico at midnight on June 21, 2022, in Yuma, Arizona. (Qian Weizhong/VCG via Getty Images)

  13. Mar 2, 2021: According to news reports, the Biden Administration lost track of 20,000 unaccompanied alien children and President Biden was briefed on the need to expand detention to hold an additional 20,000 children who had illegally crossed the border.

  14. Mar 5, 2021: Faced with overwhelming numbers of UACs in federal custody, the CDC ignored its normal facilities guidance regarding COVID-19 and notifies “facilities caring for migrant children that they can open back up to pre-Covid-19 levels, acknowledging ‘extraordinary circumstances.’”

  15. Mar 10, 2021: Biden Administration announced reinstatement of the Central American Minors (CAM) program, an Obama-era parole program that allowed citizens and aliens—including illegal aliens—to bypass the family-based immigration laws adopted by Congress and sponsor family members El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to come to the United States.

  16. Mar 16, 2021: DHS Secretary Mayorkas delivered remarks effectively explaining the border is open for illegal immigration by stating DHS’s focus would be on “processing” illegal aliens—in other words catch-and-release and the creation of new “lawful pathways.”



    Migrants with children walk to board a bus after surrendering to U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol agents for the processing of immigration and asylum claims on the US-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, on May 10, 2023. (PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)

  17. Mar 20, 2021: DHS began issuing illegal alien border crossers a Notice to Report (NTR) to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as opposed to the standard Notice to Appear (NTA) in U.S. immigration court. The NTR policy allows illegal aliens to simply be released into the U.S. and relies on them to self-report to ICE at a later date.

  18. Mar 30, 2021: Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) took drastic actions to expand detention space to house unaccompanied alien children in so-called “Influx Care Facilities”, often using unlicensed facilities that lacked child welfare experience. In March, April, and May of 2021, ORR expanded capacity to house another 23,849, including 10,000 at Fort Bliss. DHS was also holding children for a longer period than allowed by law (between 30 and 40 days) and, because the flow of UACs across the border outpaced Health and Human Services’ (HHS) ability to vet adults who can care for the children.

  19. Mar 31, 2021: The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) issued guidance rolling back requirements for background checks on adults in the household of a UAC sponsor.

  20. Apr 30, 2021: The Biden Administration canceled further wall construction which was being led by the Department of Defense (DOD).


    Migrants reach through a border wall for clothing handed out by volunteers as they wait between two border walls to apply for asylum on May 12, 2023, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

  21. June 15, 2021: The Biden Administration announced expansion of the Central American Minors (CAM) program to broaden the list of illegal aliens who can sponsor family members through the program, including illegal aliens who claim asylum.

  22. June 16, 2021: Attorney General Merrick Garland rescinded the Trump-era decision In Matter of L-E-A-, thereby expanding asylum eligibility to allow nuclear or immediate familial relationships to be treated as a “particular social group.”

  23. June 16, 2021: Attorney General Merrick Garland rescinded the Trump-era decision in Matter of A-B I and A-B II, thereby expanding asylum eligibility to include gender and domestic relationships as certain social groups, reverting to policy under in Matter of A-R-C-G.

  24. July 2021: The United States Border Patrol (USBP or BP) released at least 50,000 aliens without giving them a “Notice to Appear” (a court date), instead advising them to self-report to ICE on their own. Unsurprisingly, 87% of aliens fail to report.


    A migrant father from Venezuela feeds his 15-month-old son in the lobby of a police station where they have been staying with other migrant families since their arrival to the city on May 9, 2023, in Chicago, Illinois. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

  25. Aug 5, 2021: The USBP authorized the use of parole plus alternatives to detention (ATD) in the Del Rio Border Sector.

  26. Aug 17, 2021: DHS announced an expansion of alternatives to detention (effectively reinstating and expanding catch and release) and announced the expansion of taxpayer-funded services to illegal aliens in removal proceedings.

  27. Aug 31, 2021: The Biden administration released over 100,000 aliens into the United States between March 21, 2021 and August 31, 2021, without giving these aliens a “Notice to Appear”, instead advising them to self-report to ICE on their own. Of those, nearly 50% of them did not check-in with ICE within the 60-day deadline.

  28. Sep 24, 2021: The Administration falsely accused Border Patrol agents on horseback in Del Rio, Texas of whipping aliens at the border. President Biden condemned the agents, saying the aliens had been “strapped” and vowed “consequences.” Vice President Harris piled on the false allegations, comparing them to oppression and slavery. In fact, DHS Secretary Mayorkas knew the claim was false and even though the agents were exonerated in July 2022, the Administration proposed punishment for the agents.


    Recently arrived migrants sit on cots and the floor of a makeshift shelter operated by the city at O'Hare International Airport on Aug. 31, 2023. (Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

    Recently arrived migrants sit on cots and the floor of a makeshift shelter operated by the city at O’Hare International Airport on August 31, 2023. (Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

  29. Sep 30, 2021: DHS Secretary Mayorkas issued a memorandum that states “the fact an individual is a removeable [alien] should [not be the sole] basis of an enforcement action”, effectively using prosecutorial discretion to give deportable aliens a pass to stay in the United States, thereby granting a form of amnesty to many illegal aliens.

  30. Fiscal Year 2021: Throughout Fiscal Year 2021, the Biden Administration distributed more than $300 million in federal law enforcement grants to Sanctuary Cities under SCAAP, Byrne, and COPS programs (amounting to 43% of total awards going to sanctuary cities), financially rewarding cities whose policies encourage illegal immigration.

  31. Oct 8, 2021: DHS canceled another group of border wall contracts led by DHS related to the Laredo and Rio Grande Valley Border Sectors.

  32. Oct 12, 2021: DHS effectively suspended large-scale worksite enforcement, a key tool to deter the hiring and employment of illegal aliens.

  33. Oct 27, 2021: DHS Secretary Mayorkas issued a memorandum prohibiting enforcement of immigration laws in certain areas including schools, healthcare facilities, recreational areas, social service and emergency facilities, ceremonial locations (such as funerals and civil ceremonies) as well as at demonstrations and rallies.

  34. Oct 29, 2021: DHS Secretary Mayorkas terminated the Migrant Protection Protocols (known as “MPP” or “Remain in Mexico”).

  35. Nov 2021: The Biden Administration formally created a program that included alternatives to detention (ATD) plus parole, resulting in “catch and release” for hundreds of thousands of aliens into the U.S. interior after they were encountered at the border (338,000 aliens were released in Fiscal Year 2022 alone) under this program.


    Immigrants gather at a makeshift camp stranded between border walls between the U.S. and Mexico on May 13, 2023, in San Diego, California. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

  36. Dec 17, 2021: Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) repurposed three detention centers previously used for family detention, thus encouraging greater illegal immigration of family units.

  37. Jan 2022: Between July 2021 and January 2022, the United States admitted more than 79,000 Afghan evacuees as part of Operation Allies Welcome after the Biden State Department and Department of Defense botched the nation’s withdraw from Afghanistan. The DHS OIG determined that DHS failed to fully vet the evacuees. Failure to vet refugees, signaled that the Administration might also apply lax vetting to asylum seekers, further encouraging asylum abuse.

  38. Apr 1, 2022: The Biden Administration announced intent to end Title 42. Federal District Court Judge from Louisiana temporarily blocks the action.

  39. Apr 3, 2022: ICE Principal Legal Advisor issued memorandum promoting termination of cases in immigration court and directing ICE Office of the Principal Legal Advisor (OPLA) trial attorneys to comb through their cases to determine whether aliens would be considered a “priority” for removal under the Biden “enforcement priorities.”

  40. Sep 9, 2022: The Biden Administration reversed Trump-era public charge rule, allowing aliens who are likely to become a burden to taxpayers to receive immigration benefits – such as a visa, admission, or adjustment of status.

  41. Oct 31, 2022: DHS finalized a rule to “fortify DACA”, which declares DACA recipients as “lawfully present” and grants them employment documents despite ongoing litigation.

  42. Dec 13, 2022: The Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) sued the State of Arizona in order to force Arizona to remove shipping containers placed to close gaps in the border wall.

  43. Jan 2023: CBP changed CBP One app to allow border crossers to schedule online appointments, expanding the number of aliens allowed into the United States.


    Migrants with CBP One app interviews are allowed to enter the United States at the Chaparral pedestrian border on May 16, 2023, in Tijuana, Mexico. (Carlos A. Moreno/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

  44. Jan 6, 2023: The Biden Administration began abusing statutory parole authority under INA 212(d)(5) by creating a categorical parole program for nationals of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Parole was intended by Congress to be used sparingly and only on a “case by case” basis, yet DHS continues to create and administer categorical parole programs to allow hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to classes of aliens.

  45. Feb 25, 2023: The New York Times reported data showing the Biden Department of HHS has lost track of 85,000 alien children over the prior two years. NYT exposes details of minor children working in factories in the United States.

  46. Mar 2023: ICE continued to ignore the need for deportations, allowing criminal aliens to stay in the U.S. ICE’s non-detained docket grew to an estimated 5.3 million aliens, including 407,983 criminal aliens. Meanwhile, ICE arrests in Fiscal Year 2022 fell by 69% compared to Fiscal Year 2018 and arrests of convicted criminals fell 65% (to 36,322 in Fiscal Year 2022 from 105,140 in Fiscal Year 2018).

  47. Mar 25, 2023: Despite record numbers of illegal aliens arriving at the southern border, the Biden Administration proposed cutting detention beds by 25 percent as part of its Fiscal Year 2024 budget request.

  48. Mar 28, 2023: DHS Inspector General (IG), citing lax oversight, issued a report that identified misuse and fraud of federal emergency funds, resulting in up to $110 million in funds appropriated in the American Rescue Plan and other legislation being awarded to pay for services to illegal aliens and not Americans suffering due to COVID.

  49. Apr 13, 2023: The Biden Administration announced DACA recipients would be eligible for Obamacare benefits and Medicaid, giving taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal aliens.

  50. Apr 27, 2023: The State Department and DHS announced plans to end Title 42, expand CBP One app, and create additional unlawful categorical parole programs for aliens from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia. The program violates the law and allows aliens to enter before they receive a green card and without a visa.


    Migrants at an NGO assistance facility in Eagle Pass, Texas, on May 23, 2022. (Eric Thayer/Bloomberg)

  51. Apr 30, 2023: The Biden Administration circulated guidance that waters down the vetting process for Chinese illegal aliens, requiring that interviews used to question a Chinese illegal alien consist of five basic questions. The media reported that Chinese illegal aliens “quickly adapted” to the new CBP guidelines and were “coached” to give “stories that are identical.”

  52. May 5, 2023: CBP expanded appointment capability of the CBP One App. Through Nov. 2023, nearly 360,000 appointments had been scheduled on the app (43,000 in November alone). The CBP One app continues to be vulnerable to exploitation by the cartels.

  53. May 11, 2023: The Biden Administration terminated use of Title 42 policy expulsion authority.



    Immigrants wait to board a U.S. Border Patrol bus to be taken for processing after crossing the border from Mexico, while standing amid a shadow cast by the U.S.-Mexico border barrier, on May 19, 2022, in Yuma, Arizona. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

  54. May 31, 2023: The Biden Administration ended the DNA testing program used to verify that adults who crossed the border with a child and claimed to be related to that child, are in fact related. Ending the program promotes not only illegal immigration, but also child exploitation and trafficking.

  55. July 7, 2023: The Biden Administration expanded unlawful parole programs to include individuals from Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

  56. July 24, 2023: The Biden Department of Justice sued the State of Texas to remove newly placed floating barriers in the Rio Grande River.

  57. Aug 10, 2023: The Biden Administration Office of Management and Budget requested nearly $14 billion in emergency funding that perpetuates the Biden Administration’s open borders policies. For example, $600 million was requested for FEMA’s Shelter and Services program, which provided airfare and hotels to illegal aliens. This is on top of the $363.8 spent by the program in Fiscal Year 2023.

  58. Aug 29, 2023: ICE scrambled after releasing into the U.S. more than a dozen Uzbek nationals with ties to an ISIS smuggler.

  59. Aug 2023: DHS rebranded “Alternatives to Detention” as “Release and Reporting Management,” effectively using ICE to provide social services to aliens instead of allowing ICE to function as a law enforcement agency.

  60. Sep 8, 2023: The Biden Administration promulgated a proposed rule to reverse Trump-era policy and allow Immigration Judges to administratively close or dismiss removal proceedings without any action (something not allowed by statute), resulting in no decision denying asylum.

  61. Oct 4, 2023: The Biden Administration issued new rules on UACs that fails to prevent the release of illegal alien children to strangers, fails to facilitate age determinations, and fails to collect immigration information on sponsors. All of this will encourage trafficking of children, including by the cartels.


    A migrant carrying a child tries to get to the U.S. through the Rio Grande River as seen from Matamoros, state of Tamaulipas, Mexico, on May 11, 2023. (ALFREDO ESTRELLA/AFP via Getty Images)

  62. Dec 21, 2023: Biden Administration announced the creation of a new “juvenile” docket within immigration courts which is so expansive, it gives specialized treatment to 18, 19, and 20 year-old illegal aliens who should be deported through the expedited removal process.

  63. Dec 28, 2023: Following a trip to Mexico by Secretary of State Blinken and DHS Secretary Mayorkas, the Mexican government reported that their discussions focused on “regularizing” status – i.e., amnesty – for “Hispanic migrants who have been undocumented… and DACA beneficiaries.”

  64. Jan 3, 2024: The Biden Administration sued the State of Texas for enforcing a recently enacted Texas state law that allow Texas judges and magistrates to order illegal aliens to return to the foreign nation from which they entered.


    Texas National Guard soldiers install additional razor wire along the Rio Grande on January 10, 2024, in Eagle Pass, Texas. (John Moore/Getty Images)


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California AG files lawsuit that babies must die.

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California AG files lawsuit that babies must die. Pro Abortionists have a pill that kills the baby without going through an abortion. Now the right to life groups have a pill they say reverses the process and saves the babies life.

The California AG will not stand for that so he filed a lawsuit to stop pro lifers from trying to save the children. He’s suing several organizations that provide information about that very abortion pill reversal process. And they are asking a California Superior Court to throw the case out.

Bonta has sued Heartbeat International and RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics over their advocacy for “Abortion Pill Reversal,” the medical intervention provided to women who decide to reverse their in-progress chemical abortions, ” according to officials with the Thomas More Society.

This article originally appeared on


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California teacher who criticized ‘Woke Kindergarten’ program put on leave.

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California teacher who criticized ‘Woke Kindergarten’ program put on leave. Can you believe this? Last week I did a story on a school that’s failing and WOKE Kindergarten was the reason said some. The story can be found here.

Now this just came to my attention.

A California teacher who publicly criticized his school district’s investment in a “Woke Kindergarten” program was placed on administrative leave Thursday, the teacher said.

Hayward Unified School District teacher Tiger Craven-Neeley told the San Francisco Chronicle he was asked to hand over his keys and laptop and not return to his classroom at Glassbrook Elementary until further notice.

School officials told the teacher he was being placed on paid leave over “allegations of unprofessional conduct,” but gave no other reason, Craven-Neeley told the paper.

The organization also has “Woke” words of the day like ceasefire “abolish” and “Woke Wonderings” about challenging the “legitimacy of the Supreme Court” and abolishing the police, money and the military.

Glassbrook is predominantly Latino/ Hispanic and more than 80% of students are English learners, the Chronicle reported. Some teachers complained anonymously about the funds spent on teaching children to be “abolitionists” while reading scores are low, but Craven-Neeley spoke out on the record.

He was quoted saying that Woke Kindergarten trainers told him he should try to “disrupt Whiteness” in the classroom.

“What does that mean?” Craven-Neeley said to the Chronicle. “I just want to know, what does that mean for a third-grade classroom?”




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What are they afraid of? WH sends out someone dumber than Jean-Pierre. Lies even more.

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What are they afraid of? WH sends out someone dumber than Jean-Pierre. Lies even more. To try and cover up the Hur report, the WH sent out a spokesman for the WH counsel. Salad dressing.

We have gotten used to the bubble headed redhead and the affirmative action babe that has been the Biden administration spokeperson. But yesterday the spokesman for the WH counsel took his turn to lie.

One pressmember wasn’t buying it. “Two questions just for clarity,” Jon Decker, the White House correspondent for Gray Television, began. “You’re from the White House Counsel’s office, correct? But you’re not a lawyer, correct?”. The reporter then asked to speak with Sams’ boss in his stead, “Any chance that we’ll get the White House counsel to come out here and answer questions directly?”

And of course the answer was no, and the affitmative action babe took over.



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‘Undocumented Americans’ are people ‘we care about the most’ –Sen Murphy (D-Conn)

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Notice the Captions: “The Republican Mess” and “Republicans sabotage their own border deal.”

“Undocumented Americans” do not exist, Senator.  If you ARE an American, you ARE documented. Otherwise, you are an immigrant, legal or otherwise.

The plain fact is the “Border Deal” referred to was NOT about securing the border; it was about ways to process illegal immigrants faster and funnel more money to foreign countries. And it’s not “The Republican’s own…” either.

What’s interesting during this interview is that the Senator — who is supposed to represent the actual citizens of the US and of his home state of Connecticut — is saying the illegal immigrants are the ones the Democrats care about most. Hmm.

See the interview snippet here:

Somehow, I doubt the “8000 a day” border crossers he says are “applying for asylum” are actually applying for asylum!

It should also be noted that Murphy is officially a Biden campaign surrogate and is appointed to Biden’s National Advisory Board.

On a related note, who is the fastest-growing group of illegals? CHINESE! Coincidence? Even the MSM is starting to get nervous about the border crossers.



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Why are we surprised? It’s California. Test scores fall.

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Why are we surprised? It’s California. Test scores fall. I was always taught that you went to school to learn how to read and write. But one school in the San Francisco school system is teaching hate, racism, and bigotry. So, what about the basics?

Just 3.8% of students were proficient in math and 11.6% at grade-level in English for the 2022-23 school year — a decline of about 4.5 percentage points in each category from the previous year, according to data from the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress. In plain English, they got worse. One reason why.

Student achievement at a San Francsico-area elementary school fell dramatically following the establishment of a woke teaching policy through a $250,000 federal grant.

Two years into a three-year contract with Woke Kindergarten, a for-profit company that trains teachers to confront white supremacy, disrupt racism and oppression, and remove those barriers to learning, test scores in English and math at Glassbrook Elementary in Hayward, California, reached new lows, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Saturday.

Tiger Craven-Neeley, a teacher at Glassbrook, told the Chronicle he supports discussing racism in the classroom but found the Woke Kindergarten training confusing and rigid. He said he was told a primary objective was to “disrupt whiteness” in the school — and that the sessions were “not a place to express white guilt.”

Craven-Neeley, who is white and a self-described “gay moderate,” said he questioned a trainer who used the phrasing “so-called United States,” as well as lessons available on the organization’s website offering “Lil’ Comrade Convos,” or positing a world without police, money, or landlords. He said he wasn’t trying to be difficult when he asked for clarification about disrupting whiteness.


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Trumps got it right. We can’t have this border bill.

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Trumps got it right. We can’t have this border bill. This is nothing but a sanctuary bill for the undocumented and a way for Democrats to grow their base. It does nothing to secure the border. No Wall or a way of sending back the undocumented.

Former President Donald Trump told Newsmax in an exclusive interview Monday that lawmakers would be “foolish” to sign the Senate’s border security bill.

This keeps the Ukraine war going with no end in sight. Why are we giving billons more (10) than the whole European Union is? Makes no sense to keep this going. Biden demands a cease fire in the Israel-Hamas war but doesn’t do the same for the Russia-Ukraine war.



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Biden’s team bracing for special counsel’s report on classified docs.

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Biden’s team bracing for special counsel’s report on classified docs.

President Biden‘s team is concerned that special counsel Robert Hur’s investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents will hurt his re-election campaign.

Why it matters: Biden aides don’t expect criminal charges in the case, but they believe Hur’s report will include embarrassing details — possibly with photos — on how Biden stored documents.

  • In late 2022, Obama-era classified documents were discovered in Biden’s garage at his home in Delaware and in a private office he used.

Zoom in: Hur, a former U.S. attorney nominated by Trump in 2017 and a former clerk for conservative Chief Justice William Rehnquist, is required to write a report about the investigation.

Even if there are no criminal charges, Biden aides expect the report’s details to be politically damaging.

  • Biden has defended storing documents from his vice presidency in his garage, saying: “By the way, my Corvette is in a locked garage, so it’s not like they’re sitting out on the street.”

Zoom out: Garland’s appointment of Hur added to the tension between Biden’s team and Garland that’s been fueled by Garland’s appointment of the special counsel investigating Hunter Biden. Feelings that Garland was too slow to investigate Trump over Jan. 6, and other frustrations.

Some in Biden’s orbit have unflatteringly compared Garland to former FBI Director James Comey. Referring to his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

  • Comey ultimately cleared Clinton of criminal wrongdoing. But damaged her election campaign against Trump in July 2016 by making a public statement that she had been “extremely careless” in her security protocols.

What they’re saying: The White House and a spokesperson for Biden attorney Bob Bauer declined to comment.



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