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Did Pfizer Know that Paxlovid will NOT Work in the Vaccinated?

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Original Here:

To start:

  • Pfizer likely knew that Paxlovid did not work in the vaccinated, and removed them from the EPIC-SR trial
  • Paxlovid was not AT ALL tested on children in both trials, but the FDA approved it for children anyway.


You can skip this introduction and head straight into the next section if you are familiar with the Paxlovid story. Briefly, I wrote the following article on April 13, pointing out that the Internet is full of stories of Paxlovid-treated patients relapsing and having Covid re-emerge on Day 10 of their illness.

Igor’s Newsletter
Paxlovid, “Snake Oil” of the 21st Century?
Paxlovid is a combination of a protease inhibitor Nirmatrelvir and a HIV medication Ritonavir. At $895, it is definitely going to be a moneymaker for Pfizer. But how well does it work for the patients? This is what we all heard: The first study, that lasted for four weeks only, reported amazing success and “89% prevention of severe symptoms”. That first s…

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Much has happened since then (not all related to my post, of course). So much noise was made that the US government got interested!

Brian Mowrey wrote five excellent articles looking at the biomolecular mechanisms of why Paxlovid would not work and some aspects of the trial. Jessica Rose also wrote a Paxlovid article, looking at Paxlovid and bringing her highly relevant experience as a former HIV researcher. Peter Nayland Kust brought up the above story Federal Government is forced to urgently look into Paxlovid not working. Darby Shaw straight out asked, correctly, whether Paxlovid is a danger to the vaccinated. Much noise was also made on Twitter, including by yours truly, before Twitter suspended me.

Hundreds of stories are all over Twitter and Reddit. This one from yesterday 4/30/22:

Pfizer Purposely Excluded Vaccinated People from Trials. It had a Reason!

Two Pfizer trials for Paxlovid (High Risk and Standard Risk) had long lists of patients to exclude. Some, like HIV patients with complicated problems, are understandably excluded.

But why did Pfizer decide to exclude vaccinated people from the trials? That decision seems crazy since Pfizer intended to ”vaccinate the world” and have everyone vaccinated. So, considering that Pfizer knew about “breakthrough infections,” why did it decide to ban vaccinated people from both trials if it expected that most people would be vaccinated? Seems strange to exclude most people from being potential customers, no?

Well, it looks like Pfizer knew more than it disclosed. (hat tip, Dr. Buzz)

Actually, Pfizer did NOT want to exclude the vaccinated from at least one trial, EPIC-SR, from the start. In the beginning, EPIC-SR allowed vaccinated people with comorbidities. Original Epic-SR exclusion read:

Has received or is expected to receive any COVID-19 vaccine, except for participants with an underlying medical condition associated with an increased risk of developing severe illness from COVID-19. Participants with these conditions who are fully vaccinated are considered to be at lower risk of developing severe disease and are therefore considered eligible.

So, according to the above, vaccinated patients with comorbidities were considered “standard risk” and were in the trial.

However, between March 9 and April 5 of 2022, Pfizer decided to change the criteria and excluded ALL vaccinated people:

What made Pfizer change this criterion? My speculative answer is that Pfizer knew that Paxlovid did not work in the vaccinated. Having failed to hit the target when it came to vaccinated people, Pfizer decided to remove them from the trial and “move the target,” so to speak. This way, the EPIC-SR study would end up being a “success,” technically.

They removed their main target market — the vaccinated — from the trial, to make sure that the trial looks good. Then Pfizer turned around and asked the FDA to sell the drug to the very people whom they consciously excluded from the trial.

Despite intentionally removing and ignoring vaccinated people in both trials, Pfizer asked for and received FDA approval for all patients, vaccinated or not. So now, Pfizer gets $895 per treatment course and makes a lot of money. Does this treatment benefit vaccinated patients? You decide.

Paxlovid was not tested in Children; FDA Approved Paxlovid for Kids Anyway

It gets worse. Both EPIC-HR and EPIC-SR excluded children under 18.

Despite not having tested Paxlovid for kids at all in these clinical trials, FDA authorized Paxlovid for children:


I am slightly puzzled by this. I mean, surely the FDA cares for our children, right? So wouldn’t it want to ask Pfizer to at least test Paxlovid for children? Of course, it is just a few million dollars for Pfizer. Not a big deal. But testing on children was not done at all, and the FDA recommended Paxlovid for children anyway.

Mind you, Paxlovid is not a little harmless vitamin pill. It is a repackaged HIV/AIDS medication blocking certain liver functions, combined with a radically novel protease inhibitor affecting intricate intracellular processes. Who knows how Paxlovid affects growing kids going through puberty? I surely do not know, but does anyone else?


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Clarence Thomas Responds To Supreme Court Leak – And Bully Left-wing Activists

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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas isn’t backing down.

Amazing how fast these PROFESSIONALLY printed signs showed up. Coincidence?

While speaking in Atlanta, he addressed the Roe v Wade draft leak for the first time.

Justice Thomas said that the Supreme Court can’t be “bullied” into giving decisions.

Fox News reported:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas dismissed the idea of pressuring the court for desirable outcomes at a judicial conference Friday.

Thomas spoke at the 11th Circuit judicial conference in Atlanta this week, where he discussed the Supreme Court’s leaked draft opinion for the first time. The opinion would overturn Roe v. Wade if made official, sparking panic among Democrats and protests against the court.

“We can’t be an institution that can be bullied into giving you just the outcomes you want. The events from earlier this week are a symptom of that.,” Thomas said, according to reports.

Chief Justice John Roberts agreed with him:

“A leak of this stature is absolutely appalling,” Roberts said. “If the person behind it thinks that it will affect our work, that’s just foolish.”

Immediately after the leak, Democrats attempted to bully the court into ruling in favor of Roe v Wade.

A far-left group doxxed the addresses of Supreme Court Justices who are votes against Roe v Wade – they have protests planned at their houses.

Plus, Democrat Chuck Schumer announced that a vote would be held attempting to make abortion up to birth a federal law.

Breitbart reported:

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Thursday announced the Senate will vote on abortion legislation, via the Women’s Health Protection Act, Wednesday.

This legislation “would enshrine abortion on demand and up-to-birth in federal law as well as void all state laws aimed at protecting the lives of the unborn.”

The vote is likely to fail bigly. Democrats need 60 Senate votes to pass the legislation. And polling shows that public opinion may be at odds with Schumer: Democrats have failed to secure a majority consensus among voters to enact abortion legislation, a Wednesday Politico/Morning Consult poll revealed. Only 47 percent support codifying Roe v. Wade. Fifty-three percent of the electorate either oppose abortion legislation or have no opinion.

Democrats are desperate!

You go,  Justice Thomas!


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Psaki Confirms: Biden Meant It When He Called A Large Portion of Americans an ‘Extremist Group’

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We, as a country, ARE in DIRE DISTRESS.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden falsely characterized MAGA Republicans as the “most extremist” political group in U.S. history. Later that day, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that Biden meant what he said.

The name-calling started on Wednesday morning, when Joe Biden sent up a test balloon for a new way to attack conservatives, Republicans and Trump supporters by calling them “ultra MAGAs.”

It isn’t likely his new sobriquet will be echoed by many, but later in his address, he made an even worse attack on half of America’s voters by calling the MAGA movement the “most extremist political organization … in recent American history.”

“What are the next things that are going to be attacked?” Biden said, attacking the idea of eliminating Roe v. Wade. “Because this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history — in recent American history,” Biden said.

This is truly an outrageous — not to mention false — claim.

Later, during her White House press conference, Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki essentially noted that Biden meant what he said. Psaki reiterated that Senator Rick Scott, the Republican from Florida, has offered an extreme economic plan, according to the White House transcript.

When asked directly about his attack on MAGA, Psaki did not back down, and added, “I think he — I answered this a little bit earlier, but I’m happy to reiterate. You know, he has been struck by the hold his predecessor seems to have on far too many members of the party.”

Do you think Biden’s statement reveals what Democrats really think of Americans?
Yes: 98% (1205 Votes)
No: 2% (20 Votes)

“But he is still going to call out where he sees extremist actions and extremist rhetoric,” Psaki exclaimed.

This really is a disgusting calumny. RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel had it right when she tweeted in reply to Biden saying, “Outrageous! This is from a man who repeatedly praised segregationists. Biden promised to unite the country, but it’s been smears and lies instead.”


Regardless of whether Biden is serious about his name-calling, it is certainly a serious accusation, one that is outrageously partisan and false. MAGA followers and Trump voters are in no way “extremists.” Indeed, they epitomize a century of conservative policy ideals of low taxes, small government, local control, Christian and family values and rugged individualism.

White House Gives Approval to Crowds Mobbing SCOTUS Justices’ Homes: No ‘Official US Government Position on Where People Protest’

Further, the MAGA movement has been marked by peaceful protests since it inherited that mantle from the peaceful, non-violent Tea Party movement that preceded it. And that is even if one does blame MAGA for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Contrast the MAGA movement with the two decades of protests spawned by the leftist Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, Defund the Police and Black Lives Matter movements — each of which have resulted in billions in property damage, an erosion of trust in both government and fellow citizens, rapes and even murders. If you want extremism and danger, those currently active groups will give it to you by the handful.

But those political extremist movements are far from the only ones in recent memory that are built on hate, anti-Americanism, property damage, bombings and murder. One must only remember the many outrages of groups like the Weather Underground, the SDS, the Black Panthers, the Animal Liberation Front, the Earth Liberation Front, and the Nation of Islam, to name just a few. And that is not to even mention the ages-old Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party. Each and every one of those groups has real — not figurative — blood on their hands, and all have been plying their extremism in recent memory.

Indeed, if you look throughout U.S. history, at nearly every dangerous extremist group that has been responsible for murders, bombings and mayhem, you will find they are leftists and anarchists. Rarely does one find center-right groups sponsoring violence.

Going back to the 1880s, when the anarchist movement began to spread across Europe and the U.S., bombings, assassinations and militant attacks hit Americans hard. Who now remembers when anarchists destroyed the Los Angeles Times headquarters building in 1919, killing 21 and injuring another 100? Or the 1920 Wall Street bombing that killed 30 and injured 143? If you are interested, a history of these attacks can be seen at Breitbart News.

In light of facts and history, Joe Biden has no historical grounds to call today’s MAGA movement the most extreme in U.S. history. It is simply a lie.

Meanwhile, Biden himself is arguing in support of abortion on demand for any reason at any time during a pregnancy, fostering the creation of a Ministry of Truth that will have police powers to shut down the free speech of Americans, teaching radical sexual identity politics to tiny children, putting an end to American sovereignty and opening the southern border to the entire world, and more.

Just who is the extremist here?


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Biden Has Been ‘Struck’ by Trump’s ‘Hold’ on Republican Party: Psaki

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MAY 04: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki speaks during a White House daily press briefing at the James Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House on May 04, 2022 in Washington, DC. Psaki held a daily press briefing to answer questions from members of the press. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images).

By Frank Fang for Epoch Times  May 5, 2022

President Joe Biden has been “struck” by the influence former President Donald Trump has over the Republican Party, according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

“He’s been struck by the hold his predecessor seems to have on far too many members—not all, but far too many members of the party.”

Her comment comes a day after two candidates endorsed by Trump, J.D. Vance and Max Miler, won in Republican primaries.

J.D. Vance secured a victory in the Ohio Republican Senate primary on May 3. The race was the first sign of Trump’s influence in the midterm elections in November.

“They wanted to write a story that this campaign would be the death of Donald Trump’s America First agenda,” Vance said at a victory party in Cincinnati on Tuesday. “Ladies and gentlemen, it ain’t the death of the America First agenda.”

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) took to Twitter to call Vance’s victory “a big moment for the Republican Party.”

“JD represents the future of the conservative movement, as a coalition of working people, families, and people of faith, welcoming every American who believes in this nation. On to victory in Nov!,” Hawley wrote.

Currently, the Senate is split 50–50 between Republicans and Democrats. In November, Ohio voters will choose one new member to the Senate, a seat to be vacated by retiring Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio).

Max Miller, a former aide to Trump, won the Ohio Republican House primary on Tuesday, becoming the Republican nominee for Ohio’s 7th congressional district in the midterm elections. The district is reliably Republican.

Aside from Vance and Miller, pro-Trump candidates Jennifer-Ruth Green and Erin Houchin won the Republican primaries in Indiana’s 1st and 9th Congressional Districts, respectively, on May 3.

Earlier on May 4, Biden harshly criticized MAGA supporters, characterizing the “MAGA crowd” as the “the most extreme political organization that’s existed “ in recent American history. The president made the remark during a speech on the U.S. economy.

Biden also criticized what he called “MAGA” Republicans, whom he charged for wanting to raise taxes on millions of working-class Americans while protecting billionaires and big corporations.

After his speech, Biden was asked about the leaked draft opinion penned by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, which indicates that the nation’s top court has decided to undo the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. If undone, it would return the power to decide abortion policy to state governments.

“This is about a lot more than abortion,” Biden said, before reflecting on the Supreme Court’s confirmation process for Robert Bork in 1987, who was nominated by former President Ronald Reagan to be an associate justice at the U.S. top court. At that time, Biden was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“This reminds me of the debate with Robert Bork. Bork believed the only reason you had any inherent rights was because the government gave them to you,” Biden said. “When I was questioning him as the chairman, I said, ‘I believe I have the rights that I have not just because the government gave them to me, which you believe, but because I’m just a child of God; I exist.’”

The issue of abortion also came up during Psaki’s daily briefing on May 4.

When asked if Biden believed the states should have the right to determine the issue of abortion, Psaki said, “ The president believes that it should continue to be federal law, that women have the right to make choices with their doctors, as it has been for 50 years.”


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Roe v Wade Opinion: Republicans Decry Supreme Court Leak, Democrats Call to End Filibuster

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It’s amazing how fast these PROFESSIONALLY printed signs showed up. The leak was not made public until Monday afternoon, yet by dark protesters already had professionally printed signs. Coincidence?


Republicans in Congress on May 2 decried the leak of a Supreme Court opinion which would end legal protections for abortion, while Democrats called for the end of the Senate filibuster to preempt the court’s ruling.

Politico published a leaked opinion on May 2 authored by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. The opinion, written in February, shows that Alito believed at the time that four other justices have voted in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade, the decades-old Supreme Court precedent which prohibited states from making laws restricting access to abortions.

The leak is unprecedented and represents a major breach of decorum and trust within the court, which is known for its cordial fellowship.

“The Supreme Court’s confidential deliberation process is sacred & protects it from political interference. This breach shows that radical Democrats are working even harder to intimidate & undermine the Court. It was always their plan. The justices cannot be swayed by this attack,” Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) wrote on Twitter.

“This leak is outrageous & dangerous. I pray & remain hopeful SCOTUS stays true to this potential decision, but this unprecedented, intentional leak is malicious & threatens the independence of our highest court,” Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) wrote on Twitter.

“This unprecedented leak of a draft ruling is an effort to overtly inject politics into the court itself. This individual should not be celebrated. They should be held accountable for their egregious breach. I am praying for the safety of all the Justices during these extraordinarily challenging and unprecedented times,” Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-Mich.) wrote on Twitter.

Democrats, in the meantime, called for the end of the filibuster so that the Senate can pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would legalize abortion up to the point of birth nationwide.

“Congress must pass legislation that codifies Roe v. Wade as the law of the land in this country NOW. And if there aren’t 60 votes in the Senate to do it, and there are not, we must end the filibuster to pass it with 50 votes,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) wrote on Twitter.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), responding directly to Sanders on Twitter, wrote: “Let’s change the rules of the Senate to pass a federal law legalizing the killing of unborn children right up to the day of delivery.”

“This is utterly shameful but we can stop it. The Senate MUST end the filibuster and codify Roe,” Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) wrote on Twitter.

“There is no time left to wait. We need to abolish the filibuster and codify Roe v. Wade, ” Rep. Chuy García (D-Ill.) wrote on Twitter.

A number of Democrats called for the passage of the act but did not mention ending the filibuster to do so: Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-Penn.), Rep. Lori Trahan (D-Mass.), and Rep. Don Breyer (D-Va.)

A small number of Democrats in Congress called for the expansion of the Supreme Court as a way to fight back.

“There is no other recourse. We must expand the court,” Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) wrote on Twitter.

“#ExpandTheCourt and pass the Women’s Health Protection Act!” Rep. Andy Levin (D-Mich.) wrote on Twitter.

Several Republican lawmakers celebrated the opinion, while Democrats lamented what the decision would bring about.

“I was a senior in high school when Roe v. Wade was decided,” Rep. Billy Long (R-Mo.) said in a statement. “I didn’t understand abortion then, and I don’t understand it now. Killing an innocent human life is simply incomprehensible to me. I am optimistic that these reports are true, and that the Supreme Court will do the right thing, finally overturning this travesty of a decision.”

“This draft is harrowing and blatantly ignores 50 years of settled law with a complete disregard to the fundamental rights of women. We can not go back to a time when women couldn’t make decisions about their own bodies,” Rep. Colin Allred (D-Texas) wrote on Twitter.

Original here:

Isn’t it amazing how this was leaked to a LEFT-LEANING website?

And how quickly the demonstrators appeared with PROFESSIONALLY crafted signage?

The SCOTUS responds:

The Supreme Court on Tuesday responded to the leak of a draft ruling and confirmed its authenticity, issuing a statement from Chief Justice John Roberts, who called the leak “a betrayal of the confidences” of the institution. “To the extent this betrayal of the confidences of the Court was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations,” Roberts wrote, “it will not succeed,” adding that the “work of the Court will not be affected in any way.”

Roberts also said he directed the Marshal of the Supreme Court to carry out an investigation into the leak and the individual who leaked it to the press. Should the leaker be identified, it’s not clear what punitive actions will be taken against them, although Roberts said the leak could be considered a significant breach of trust.



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Biden’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken Says There is “Greater Stability and Peace” for Women in Afghanistan Under Taliban!

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Soros Connected Tony Blinken, Biden’s Secretary of State, claims women in Afghanistan are better off under the Taliban in that there is “greater stability and peace”.

By Joe Hoft for THE GATEWAY PUNDIT April 29, 2022 at 10:12am

Tony Blinken was in front of the US Senate on Wednesday and he shared that women in Afghanistan are better off under the Taliban than before.  Here is what he said:

The answer would have gotten fact-checked into oblivion had the Babylon Bee offered it as a satire:

BLINKEN: The state of play is, ah, extremely mixed, to the negative for women [crosstalk].

GRAHAM: What’s the upside for women?

BLINKEN: The only upside that we’ve seen at all is that, somewhat ironically you might say, there is in the country at large greater stability and relative peace than there’s been.

Hotair responded to this comment from Blinken:

Jazz commented to me behind the scenes that this sounds like a story from the Onion. Unfortunately, Secretary of State Antony Blinken really made this argument yesterday in his Senate testimony. “What is the state of play for women in Afghanistan right now?” asked Sen. Lindsey Graham after Blinken insisted that he didn’t regret the pullout of American forces from the country. “What’s the upside?”

Hotair went on to point out:

…the US exit didn’t end the war in Afghanistan, but just our involvement in it. The Taliban is still fighting against competing terrorist groups, including ISIS-K, which the US considers a threat to our own national security as well. The Washington Post reported last week that the war is actually escalating in Afghanistan.

Many wonder how Blinken ever got the position of Biden’s Secretary of State.  As The Gateway Pundit  previously reported, it may be because his parents are tight with George Soros.  Or it could be because he was under Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry.

Overall, Blinken is horrible for the country but perfect for Biden.
Since the Taliban took control, Afghan girls are facing restrictions on travel, work, and education, besides their deteriorating safety situation in the country.

This narrative is contradicted in other media:  Updated April 21, 2022



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OMG! US Military Used Contact Tracing During COVID Then Sent Families of the Possibly Infected to Filthy Barracks for Days

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During the COVID crisis, the US military used contact tracing to identify individuals with a high risk of catching the virus and sent them and their families, with little warning to filthy barracks for 10 days.

A report coming out of Korea discussed the military’s tactics there to combat COVID.  The result was a trampling of soldiers’ freedoms and privacy.   A post at discussed what happened in the military when COVID hit.

A lot of things took place across the broad spectrum of the DOD during 2020 and 2021 which have been unethical at best and flat out illegal at worst…

…A system of surveillance rose up in South Korea during 2020 in a supposed effort to tackle the high volume of Covid positive individuals that were popping up all over the peninsula. Right out of the gate I’ll declare that it was illegal and runs afoul of a number of laws we have in place to protect American citizens from abuses at the hands of their own government.

Under the leadership of General Robert Abrams, a method of contact tracing involving the use of CCTV (closed circuit television, or security footage) was used to track the movement of personnel on Camp Humphreys, collect and store their information, then remove them from their homes and put them in isolation/quarantine facilities.

COL Tremblay (pictured on right and Garrison Commander of Camp Humphreys at the time) says, “we’re gonna find out who you are because we have other ways of finding you. Whether it’s through CCTV or a number of our other capabilities…”

The process for identifying and tracking personnel worked like this:

  • When people entered the PX (post exchange or mini mall) they would scan in with their CAC (common access card or ID) and sign their name along with the time.

  • If someone tested positive for Covid, they would use those sheets and CCTV footage to identify anyone who may have had close contact with the individual while out shopping.

  • Screenshots would be taken from the saved CCTV footage and posted to the Camp Humphrey’s official facebook page and pushed out for all to see.

The Covid tracking team was called the Covid Surveillance Cell. After personnel were identified and tracked based on the collected and stored information, a contact clean team, along with a team to collect the individual and/or that person’s family to send them into isolation, were sent out from the command.

TRMLX then discusses why this was illegal:

Executive Order 12333 dictates very clearly what is and isn’t allowed within the context of United States Intelligence Activities. This order is well known by commanders at every echelon due to the ramifications it holds if it’s broken.

Elements of the Intelligence Community are authorized to collect, retain, or disseminate information concerning United States persons only in accordance with procedures established by the head of the Intelligence Community element concerned or by the head of a department containing such element and approved by the Attorney General, consistent with the authorities provided by Part 1 of this Order, after consultation with the Director.

A document pertaining to Intelligence Oversight from Marine Corps Headquarters even states,

Generally you may not intentionally target, collect, retain, and disseminate information on U.S.
persons whether CONUS or OCONUS.

It goes on to clarify that law enforcement has the authority to retain information on U.S. persons for up to 90 days who pose a threat to DOD personnel, resources or activities, but I don’t think you could find a sober attorney alive who would argue that shopping at the PX poses a criminal threat to the DOD.

After individuals and their families were identified and teams came to collect them, it was often a hurried process to get them out of their domicile and into isolation.

Original Here:



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FOIA Request Unearths that Pfizer Planned to Hire 1,800 Employees to Deal with Reporting on Adverse Effects from COVID Vaccine

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Pfizer hired 600 employees with a plan to hire a total of 1,800 employees when side effects from its COVID vaccine started showing up.  The employees were hired to address the flood in adverse effects reporting. 

Posted by Jim Holt for The Gateway Pundit April 10, 2022 at 4:00pm

Zerohedge shared a report Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times

Pfizer hired 600 employees in the months after its COVID-19 vaccine was authorized in the United States due to the “large increase” of reports of side effects linked to the vaccine, according to a document prepared by the company.

Pfizer has “taken a multiple actions to help alleviate the large increase of adverse event reports,” according to the document. “This includes significant technology enhancements, and process and workflow solutions, as well as increasing the number of data entry and case processing colleagues.”

At the time when the document—from the first quarter of 2021—was sent to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Pfizer had onboarded about 600 extra full-time workers to deal with the jump.

“More are joining each month with an expected total of more than 1,800 additional resources by the end of June 2021,” Pfizer said.

Pfizer tried to hide the information

In addition, Zerohedge reported:

The analysis of adverse event reports was previously disclosed to the health transparency group, but certain portions were redacted (pdf), including the number of workers Pfizer onboarded to deal with the jump in adverse event reports.

“We asked that the redactions on page 6 of this report be lifted and the FDA agreed without providing an explanation,” Aaron Siri, a lawyer representing the plaintiffs, told The Epoch Times in an email.

After the document was produced, the FDA determined that the three redactions on that page “could be lifted,” an FDA spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email.

The redactions had been made under (b) (4) of the Freedom of Information Act, which lets agencies “withhold trade secrets and commercial or financial information obtained from a person which is privileged or confidential.”

The unredacted version of the document also now shows that approximately 126 million doses of Pfizer were shipped around the world since the company received the first clearance, from U.S. regulators, on Dec. 1, 2020. The shipments took place through Feb. 28, 2021.

It was unclear how many of those doses had been administered as of that date.

As TGP reported previously, after the courts ordered Pfizer to release data on its COVID vaccine, documents showed over 1,200 vaccine deaths in the first 90 days after taking the vaccine.

TGP has reported many additional reports of deaths or injuries caused by the Pfizer vaccine.  The information to date does not look good for the Pfizer vaccine.


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WOKE: NYC’s “Chief Medical Officer” :Mocking Designation for White Moms

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The left’s rhetorical war on women and white people has infested the “objective” field of medicine and is escalating to absurd lengths.

In the latest salvo, the clownish chief medical officer of New York City referred to pregnant women as “birthing people” and specifically marginalized white moms with this dehumanizing designation.

Dr. Michelle Morse is New York’s first “chief medical officer,” and she was specifically chosen for this new post because of her focus on pushing “racial equity.”

That’s PC speak for “whatever helps black people.”

“Dr. Morse’s experience has combined the best of public health, social medicine, anti-racism education, and activism,” Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi said in a February 2021 news release announcing her appointment.

“Health equity requires leaders who propel change and I am grateful that she has joined the Department to help us create a healthier, more equitable, city,” Chokshi said.

On Wednesday, Morse made the case for taxpayer-funded doulas (that’s like a midwife without the health care training) targeting pregnant black and brown women.

The far-left activist claimed minority women need free doulas because the mortality rate of black mothers in New York is higher than for white moms.

Naturally, Morse blamed this alleged disparity on sham systemic racism and not on the post- and pre-birth health habits of white vs. black mothers.

In her bizarre tweets, she specifically referenced “Black and Puerto Rican mothers” while dismissing white moms as “non-Hispanic White birthing people.”

“Mortality rates of birthing people are too high, and babies born to Black and Puerto Rican mothers in this city are three times more likely to die in their first year of life than babies born to non-Hispanic White birthing people,” Morse said.

Numerous Twitter users slammed Morse for her degrading categorization of pregnant women as “birthing people.”

Many also called Morse out for her shady dig at white moms.

Morse’s racist tweets promoted New York Mayor Eric Adams’ multimillion-dollar, taxpayer-funded program to provide free doulas in 33 minority neighborhoods.

In a news release Wednesday, Adams — who once mocked white cops using the racial slur “crackers” — said the program was part of an effort to help black and Hispanic mothers.

“All three initiatives are part of Mayor Adams’ mission to reduce health inequities in New York City, particularly amongst marginalized Black and Latino/a families and pregnant people,” the release said.

“Maternal and infant health inequities are rooted in generations of structural racism and disinvestment,” it said.

“In New York City, Black women are nine times more likely to die of a pregnancy-related cause than white women, and their rate of infant mortality is more than three times higher. For Puerto Ricans, the infant mortality rate is twice that of white New Yorkers.”

While many Americans are struggling with soaring grocery and gas prices, some of our tax dollars are being used to help only certain groups under racist Democratic leadership.

A birth doula remains with the mother during birth, offering relaxation and breathing technique support, as well as comforting services like massage, and assistance with labor positions; however, doulas are not medically trained, and cannot deliver babies. A doula is not a substitute for having a woman’s partner at the birth. Doulas encourage participation from the partner, and offer support and reassurance to the partner as well.

Comment: so these non-medically trained people are going to lower mortality rates how?


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Woman Died of Rare Brain Bleed After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine: Coroner

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File photo dCOVID-19 vaccine maker AstraZeneca has revealed it made four billion dollars in sales from its coronavirus jab last year (PA)

A coroner in the United Kingdom has determined that a woman died from a side effect caused by the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

The woman was identified as 34-year-old Kim Lockwood, who had complained of a headache eight days after taking the shot in March of 2021, South Yorkshire Coroner Nicola Mundy told the BBC in a statement on March 16.

The coroner said her condition quickly deteriorated, and she was pronounced dead 17 hours after being admitted to the hospital, eight days after getting the shot.

Mundy said Lockwood was “extremely unlucky” in developing a “sudden and catastrophic” bleed on her brain. Her death was recorded at the Doncaster Coroner’s court as Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT), officials told the broadcaster.

An article published by the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information says VITT is “defined as a clinical syndrome” that entails the “development of thrombosis at uncommon sites” that include cerebral venous sinus thrombosis or splanchnic venous thrombosis. Thrombosis occurs when blood clots block veins or arteries.

The American Society of Hematology in January 2022 stated that VITT is marked by low platelet count, known as thrombocytopenia, and blood clots that usually occur in the splanchnic veins located in the abdomen and stomach or the cerebral veins located in the brain.

Lockwood’s husband, Damian, told news outlets that his wife, a mother of two, had complained that “her head felt like it was going to explode,” while her father, Wayne Merrill, recalled her last words, which he said were that her headache was “actually killing her.”

“Kim’s pain wasn’t appropriately managed, and the family should have been listened to,” Mundy said.

The UK government says there have been 438 reported cases of thromboembolic events (blood clotting) and 79 deaths to date after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Last year, officials in Edmonton, Canada, said a woman in her 50s died of VITT after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, which entails two doses and uses adenovirus technology. AstraZeneca’s vaccine, while common across Europe, hasn’t been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for usage.

“I am sad to report … that we have confirmed Alberta’s first death from VITT following vaccination from the AstraZeneca [COVID-19] vaccine,” Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw wrote on Twitter on May 4, 2021. “My sincere condolences go out to those grieving this loss.”

U.S. and UK government officials have repeatedly said that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks for most people.

COVID-19 is the illness caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

AstraZeneca officials didn’t respond by press time to a request by The Epoch Times for comment.

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