You tell me. Are We Sure There’s No 2020 Voter Fraud?

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You tell me. Are We Sure There’s No 2020 Voter Fraud? After all you’ve read and heard, tell me that there’s no fraud. We have this from Santa Barbara’s Diane Dimond.

Shouldn’t we care that some states may have illegally changed the rules on mail-in and absentee ballots under the guise of pandemic protection? Critics passionately believe some of those changes invited fraud and violated state constitutions.

Shouldn’t the nine states that sent out massive numbers of ballots to everyone on their voter registration rolls reconsider that procedure? No consideration was given to whether those voters may have died, moved away or been convicted of a crime, making them ineligible to vote. All those unclaimed ballots floating in the ether were easy prey for the unscrupulous bent on tipping the outcome.

How can you argue with that?



This isn’t about who won. This is about how messed up our current national election process is. Will we learn a lesson now and move to make the voting process more trustworthy?


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