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Megyn and Donald make up.

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Megyn and Donald make up. That’s what GP is reporting.

The former Fox News host said she and Trump met up over the weekend at Turning Point Action’s West Palm Beach convention “for the first time in years,” and it was “frankly great to see him.”

“All that nonsense between us is… under the bridge,” Kelly said during an episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show” on YouTube. “And he could not have been more magnanimous.”




A minority gets screwed over again. TJ Watt passed over because of black privilege?

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A minority gets screwed over again. TJ Watt passed over as Defensive Player of the Year. Because of black privilege? Aaron Donald is a awesome player and odds are he’ll end up in the Hall of Fame. But TJ Watt had a hall of fame year and plain and simple fact is that he got screwed. Not a good time to be white.

Both players were deserving of the award. An All-Pro for a sixth straight year in 2020, Donald tallied 13.5 sacks, four forced fumbles, and 14 tackles for loss. Watt led the NFL with 15 sacks in 2020. He also led the NFL with 23 tackles for loss. One of the most versatile outside linebackers in football, Watt also recorded an interception while breaking up seven passes.

Whites and Latinos are minorities in the NFL. But they get no special privilege.




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