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The Trump interview.

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The Trump interview.

Just putting this out there. You make the call.

Megyn Kelly is joined by former President Donald Trump to talk about the Biden impeachment inquiry, what we’re learning now about the potential for then-VP Biden corruption that Trump tried to bring up at the debate, whether Biden is too old to be president, birthright citizenship and the immigration crisis in America.

Why he didn’t fire Dr. Fauci, how Biden and DeSantis handled COVID, the success or failure of Operation Warp Speed and COVID vaccines, not getting enough credit for what did during the beginning of the pandemic, his stance on trans rights and how it’s evolved, his friendship with Caitlyn Jenner (and previously Bruce), trans in the military, whether he’d ban puberty blockers for kids, the details of his classified documents case and the Presidential Records Act, why he didn’t turn over documents after the subpoena, Hillary Clinton and the double standard, if he’s angry about the prosecutions, the real story behind the “DeSanctimonious” Ron DeSantis nickname.

Why he values loyalty above so much else, how Melania and Barron are doing, the personality traits about Melania that the media doesn’t understand, why he’s running for president and facing jail time instead of enjoying retirement, the way this country can come together, that big debate moment between Trump and Megyn, and more. Plus Megyn shares behind-the-scenes details about the interview. Then Victor Davis Hanson, author of “The Dying Citizen,” joins to react to the Trump interview, and discuss whether Trump should debate, if the Trump indictments will help or hurt his general election against Biden, and more.



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Megyn and Donald make up.

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Megyn and Donald make up. That’s what GP is reporting.

The former Fox News host said she and Trump met up over the weekend at Turning Point Action’s West Palm Beach convention “for the first time in years,” and it was “frankly great to see him.”

“All that nonsense between us is… under the bridge,” Kelly said during an episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show” on YouTube. “And he could not have been more magnanimous.”




Megyn Kelly is telling it like it is. Finally.

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Megyn Kelly is telling it like it is. Finally. For so long she was butt hurt cause of what happened in 2015. Is this a little too late? Maybe. But the message is truthful, and that’s all that matters now.

Some on the left and the MSM is not going to listen to 71 million legal voters. Megyn let some tweets fly.


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