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Are Blacks tired of being treated like House?

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Are Blacks tired of being treated like House? Yes, my friends ever since the LBJ years, the Democrats brought back their old Southern ways, but with a Northern twist. Treat blacks as if they went from the plantation to the big house.

Clothe and feed them but give only a few limited powers. Pretend that you care, care only for their vote. Some seem as if they’re willing to rebel.

But an October New York Times/ Siena poll of voters in six battleground states also indicates a potential shift from 2020. Seventy-one percent of Black voters said they would likely vote for Biden if they had to choose a candidate, and 22% said they would likely choose Trump. The voters were in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — six states considered the most crucial for a presidential win in 2024.


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