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Lying to Congress about COVID origins and funding.

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This long article from the Intercept documents how Kristian Andersen of Scripts Institute (La Jolla, California) lied to Congress last week by implying that he did not have any grant funding pending when he initially wrote about the lab origins. The logic is quite compelling that Andersen lied to Congress.

But what I found most disturbing was the image of the slack chat messaging that these so-called scientists had when discussing how they would skew the lab origins story to make it appear that the virus was of natural origins.

In the above message, Dr. Andersen writes in the first message that the furin cleavage site has convinced that most likely the virus is man-made. But by the end of the discussion, he writes that he will create a parallel document about the scenarios for natural origins and write that section all differently.

Andersen, returning to the question of Covid’s origin, repeated that “Natural selection and accidental release are both plausible scenarios explaining the data – and a priori should be equally weighed as possible explanations. The presence of a furin [cleavage site] a posteriori” — the furin cleavage site was the characteristic of the virus that the scientists thought was indicative of engineering or other lab origin — “moves me slightly more towards accidental release, but it’s well above my paygrade to call the shots on a final conclusion.”

In fact, Andersen would be listed as the lead author on the conclusive paper (determining that the virus was of natural origins). Rambaut responded by warning of the geopolitical fallout of such a claim. “Given the shit show that would happen if anyone serious accused the Chinese of even accidental release, my feeling is we should say that given there is no evidence of a specifically engineered virus, we cannot possible distinguish between natural evolution and escape so we are content to with ascribing it to natural processes.”

Dr. Christian Andersen also writes that he is upset the the GOF work was done in a low level BSL lab and he isn’t sure that GOF research is worth the risk. None of this of course is conveyed the original peer-reviewed papers about the natural origin that he wrote and the Fauci /NIH cabal used to insist that the virus was of natural origins, deflecting the blame for the lab leak away from the US government.

This is criminal. The original paper is fraudulent and charges should be brought against Dr. Christian Andersen for lying to Congress and for impeding a federal investigation into the origins of COVID-19, going back to 2020.


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