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NO Virginia there isn’t just one example of hate from the left.

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NO Virginia there isn’t just one example of hate from the left. Just yesterday a person posted a comment that there was just one example of hate from the left. Well, it’s obvious that this person lives in a small corner of the world where life’s reality is ignored.

Recently ZACH KESSEL is a William F. Buckley Jr. Fellow in Political Journalism and a recent graduate of Northwestern University reposted a few tweets to show us true examples of hate from the left that exists on college campuses. Below are a few examples.

Zach Kessel on X: “Students at @Columbia have signed a statement somehow even worse than the @Harvard one.” / X (

Zach Kessel on X: “Students for Justice in Palestine (@SJPNU) at @NorthwesternU: Hamas barbarism is justified, and Israel is not “the aggrieved party.”” / X (

Zach Kessel on X: “Students at another elite institution embrace Hamas terrorism, this time at @UMichLaw.” / X (

What say you?

Higher Education & Hamas: The Campus War on Israel | National Review




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This is what hate and jealousy from Progressives brings you.

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What happens when a respected Congressman is cleared by the Capitol Hill Police when he had a group of his constituents on tour the day before the To do about nothing protest?

They make up stuff and drag his good name threw the mud. Based on what? Who knows. But since that mud dragging we’ve seen that the Congressman has been receiving death threats. Please play the video below.

Despite the letter exonerating Rep. Loudermilk, the January 6 Committee on Wednesday released selectively edited video footage of GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk leading constituents on a tour around the Capitol complex on Jan. 5th.

The sham Jan. 6 Committee did this knowing it was a lie and that Loudermilk had been exonerated.


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