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Why Trump shouldn’t be charged. And if he is, he walks.

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Why Trump shouldn’t be charged. And if he is, he walks. Pence who didn’t have the power to declassify wasn’t charged. Biden will not be charged, so Trump who had the power (and did) declassify should not be charged. And that phony obstruction charge? If Trump declassified the documents, he was correct in saying he had no classified documents.

“The minute the president speaks about it to someone, he has the ability to declassify anything at any time without any process.” As long as it’s before the fact and several people were witness to the President doing just that.

Parlatore said that even if the report is true that there is a tape where Trump acknowledges the existence of a classified document in his possession connected to Iran and that it reveals the former president knew the material was classified and that he was not permitted to share it, prosecuting Trump might not be the best decision “because there are all of these other problems. Classification is not binding on the jury. You have to actually take these documents, show them to the jury, and then prove to them that it constitutes national defense information.” Former Trump attorney said.




Buffalo police officers, American HEROES have charges dropped.

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Buffalo police officers, American HEROES have charges dropped. A local no good nic tried to lure police into a confrontation. His phony attempt ended up getting himself a fractured skull. Well the loon Erie county Prosecutor brought charges against these American heroes.

A grand jury dismissed the case against two Buffalo, New York, police officers who were charged last year.  Officers Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski had been charged with felony second-degree assault after the June 4 protest, which was one of many across the country sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis about a week earlier.



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