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But, but how could this happen in California? White man goes on a killing spree. Oh wait he was Asian.

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But, but how could this happen in California? White man goes on a killing spree. Oh wait he was Oriental. California, the state where Progressives pass the crazy laws saying it’s gun control. And what happens? People die. I know, some loon will say the gun probably came from out of state. Or will say the shooter didn’t kill and injure those folks, his gun did.

And you have this crazy person who blamed the shooting on whites anyway. We have this.

It didn’t take long for one leftist lunatic to blame white dominant culture for the shooting. She vowed to make it him/her mission to take down the white dominant culture following the shooting.

Only in California.






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Just think if the Michigan boy shooter was black. Then what?

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Unless you’re living in a cave somewhere you’ve heard about the terrible shooting in Michigan at Oxford High School. Yes they caught the boy plus they also charged the parents. I’m for one glad he’s white.

If the boy was black, you would have riots and protests. Hate groups like Antifa and BLM would be out in full force. ACLU would be defending him and the list goes on. Just something to think about.

Now you have your typical loons calling for more gun laws. The Oakland County Sheriff was asked about that. His response.

We have a a whole lot of gun laws that are meant to hold criminals accountable when they commit a crime, when they use a gun, when they carry a gun illegally, and they are not utilized today. That’s one of our constant concerns around the country…we see this across the nation, we catch somebody illegally with a gun and it’s plead down to a misdemeanour and they’re out.

He added, “I believe the surest way to get a handle on holding people accountable when they’re doing things illegally with a gun is to punish them, and that’s not happening in many communities across America today.”




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