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Time is now. Deter China. Place a military base in Taiwan.

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Time is now. Deter China. Place a military base in Taiwan. It’s a known fact that Biden has no issues with China. If he was serious, he would place a military base their now.

At the very least, place part of our fleet and Airforce fighter jets. Maybe a Nuclear sub or two. Countries like China respect and fear strength.

We were in Taiwan up to 1979 with our military. Now’s the time to return. Peace through strength.


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Australia to boost military forces by 30% amidst increasing threats.

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Whole article can be found here.

Now we know that there are loons on the left who look to Socialist China as our friends, and ignore the fact that they’re Russia’s number one ally. But Australia is acting now.

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Thursday that Australia is likely to boost its military force by 30% till 2040, stating this to be the biggest military build-up in the past 40 years since the Vietnam War.

The Australian government proposed to add approximately 80,000 uniformed personnel to its military force, considering the increase in risk posed by China and Russia. The estimated cost of the entire military build-up strategy is AU$38 billion or US$27 billion.

Morrison also added that some of the newly recruited troops would support a future nuclear-power submarine fleet as committed by Australia as a part of the new Australia-United Kingdom- US defence alliance (AUKUS).




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