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The true story of Thanksgiving.

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The true story of Thanksgiving. The great one did this for several years and no-one could do it better. Kick back and enjoy the one and only true master of Conservatism and talk. Rush Limbaugh.

I first started listening to Rush back in 1988 when he was working in Sacramento ( one of the few things that came out of a shit hole ).

His Thanksgiving message became an annual tradition over the years. Limbaugh recounted the “True Story of Thanksgiving” in his book See, I Told You So. He also included the true story in his Rush Revere series.

“The point is, The True Story of Thanksgiving is spreading, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Bottom line: It is spreading. I’m just gonna cut to the chase here before getting into reading the text. The Real Story of Thanksgiving, going back to the very first early days of the Pilgrims arriving at Plymouth Rock, is that socialism failed,” Limbaugh said during his final Thanksgiving radio broadcast.




It’s still not to late. Travel or have family over for Thanksgiving.

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It’s still not to late. Travel or have family over for Thanksgiving. Don’t let the worry warts ruin your holiday.If you want to have your elderly parents over, do it. Invite your daughters or sons over.

Sure there will be folks locked up hiding under the table. And some will be hunkered down drinking their orange drink and eating their Popeye’s chicken ( tradition ). My family will not be in lock down. How about you? Travelling or staying home?


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