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Where do you go for answers to legal questions?

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Where do you go for answers to legal questions? I tend to use a variety of sources. Law books are worthless unless you’re a college student. Case Law now that’s different. I know a loon is going to say there’s no difference. With Case Law you see what’s been decided in similar situations. Watching CNN or MSNBC lawyers or Academia is a joke.

Academia who has never practiced law or been in a courtroom rarely will have the answers. Why anyone listens to them, is beyond me. Many of them and former prosecutors you see on TV, will agree with the host interviewing them.

When It comes to individual sources on legal questions, I like to use a friend of mine who’s a lawyer and has the highest degree a lawyer can get. The Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD). I also have a family member who’s a Federal Judge.  And I myself having been a police officer who also testified as a witness for and against prosecutors.

And no, someone who filed for bankruptcy, and does someone elses homework doesn’t qualify as a source to use when it comes to the law.



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