Opinion. Why the Supreme Court should hear the Texas Case.

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Why the Supreme court should hear the Texas Case. MSM and most if not all on the left feel this is a waste of time. As do some on the right and many Independents. Let me explain why it’s not.

Now we are looking at Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. All four states had laws passed by the legislature. In all four states either the governor or the Secretary of state under the pretense of you’re gonna die ( Covid-19 ) if you don’t do this my way. Totally ignoring what the law was. Here’s where this effects the other 46.

Say Ohio or any other state has existing laws passed by the state legislature already in place. A new Governor or Secretary of State comes into power and says I think the elections should be done my way. Uses some type of catastrophic event as an excuse to do it their way. If that’s allowed, why have Senators and House reps to make laws? Just let the Governor or Another office holder decide what the law should be.

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