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Why this must never happen again. Hopefully Moore Vs. Harper will fix this.

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Why this must never happen again. Hopefully Moore Vs. Harper will fix this. Back in 2020 four states, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin in which the state executive branch (that is, the governor or other executive official) and or the judicial branch (that is, the state supreme court) changed the rules of the election apart from the authority of the state legislature.

The Democrats claim this is illegal gerrymandering. But the Republicans use the Constitution as their reason it’s not. Article I, Section 4 of the Constitution tells us who makes the rules regarding national elections: “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof. . . .” In other words, the Constitution gives the authority over national elections to the legislatures in each of the states.

With the 2024 elections less than two years away, Giving a Secretary of State or Governor dictorial powers was not what the founding fathers wanted. That’s why the state legislatures were given that power. A group of men and women elected by the people for the people.





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Winning again. Supreme Court: Police Knee in Back During Arrest Not ‘Excessive Force’. Supreme Court in two cases supports cops putting rapid dogs down. If needed.

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Once again the Supreme court has ruled that In two unsigned decisions without noted dissents, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled in favor of police officers accused of using excessive force. The rulings were a signal that the court continues to support the doctrine of qualified immunity, which can shield police  from lawsuits seeking damages. Will the Floyd family have to refund the money they received? Edited.

In one of the cases, The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday in favor of a California police officer who was accused of using “excessive force” during an arrest, reversing the liberal Ninth Circuit appeals court on an issue at the center of the “defund the police” movement.

“Officers saw a knife in Cortesluna’s left pocket,” The Supreme Court explained. “While Rivas-Villegas and another officer were in the process of removing the knife and handcuffing Cortesluna, Rivas-Villegas briefly placed his knee on the left side of Cortesluna’s back.”

The second decision on Monday, in City of Tahlequah v. Bond, No. 20-1668, also arose from a 911 call, this one in Tahlequah, Okla., reporting that a woman’s ex-husband was drunk in her garage and would not leave.

When three officers arrived, Dominic Rollice, the ex-husband, brandished a hammer. Officers Josh Girdner and Brandon Vick fired their weapons, killing Mr. Rollice. His estate sued, and the Tenth Circuit, in Denver, let the case proceed, ruling that a jury could find that the officers were not entitled to qualified immunity because previous rulings had put them on notice about creating circumstances that could lead to the shooting.

The Supreme Court ruled that the appeals court had not identified any earlier decision that “comes close to establishing that the officers’ conduct was unlawful.”




Opinion. Why the Supreme Court should hear the Texas Case.

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Why the Supreme court should hear the Texas Case. MSM and most if not all on the left feel this is a waste of time. As do some on the right and many Independents. Let me explain why it’s not.

Now we are looking at Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. All four states had laws passed by the legislature. In all four states either the governor or the Secretary of state under the pretense of you’re gonna die ( Covid-19 ) if you don’t do this my way. Totally ignoring what the law was. Here’s where this effects the other 46.

Say Ohio or any other state has existing laws passed by the state legislature already in place. A new Governor or Secretary of State comes into power and says I think the elections should be done my way. Uses some type of catastrophic event as an excuse to do it their way. If that’s allowed, why have Senators and House reps to make laws? Just let the Governor or Another office holder decide what the law should be.

What say you?


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