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Democrats blocked from including immigration reform in party-line spending bill.

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The whole Politico article can be found here.

Democrats blocked from including immigration reform in party-line spending bill. As you know Progressives are always thinking of ways to increase their base and win elections. They know that the majority of mainstream don’t support them So import them.

In the decision, a copy of which was obtained by POLITICO, the parliamentarian determined that the Democrats’ proposal is “by any standard a broad, new immigration policy” and that the policy change “substantially outweighs the budgetary impact of that change.”

In their arguments before the Senate parliamentarian, a former immigration attorney, Democrats made the case that providing green cards to an estimated 8 million Dreamers, farmworkers, Temporary Protected Status recipients and essential workers during the pandemic had a budgetary impact because it would make more people eligible for certain federal benefits.

But the parliamentarian stated in her ruling that providing legal status through reconciliation would also lead to “other, life-changing federal, state and societal benefits” that can’t be meaningfully reflected in the budget. In addition, the parliamentarian rejected arguments from Democrats that there is a precedent for including immigration reform in reconciliation. 



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