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Chilling: Dr. Jordan Peterson Forced to Undergo “Reeducation” to Retain License over Social Media Posts

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Dr. Petterson annoyed the left; now he must be “reducated.” Sounds like Communism to me.

Canadian Medicine Becomes a Dictatorship.

or TGP

The Ontario College of Psychologists has ordered professor Dr. Jordan Peterson to undergo a “reeducation training program” because of his social media posts.

The statements Peterson made on social media​ did not relate to the practice of psychology but rather his opinions on gender ideology, the medical mistreatment of minors with regards to trans surgery, climate hysteria and criticizing Canadian Prime Minister Justing Trudeau.

The complaints were made by members of the public, not by any individuals who Dr​.​ Peterson has ever treated.

Before the verdict, Peterson said, “The decision of an Ontario court re the allegations levied against me by @CPOntario is due tomorrow. I stand by what I have said and done and wish them luck in their continued prosecution. They’re going to need it. I tweeted and otherwise expressed my opposition to trans surgery butchery, @JustinTrudeau and his minions, and the lying climate apocalypse-mongers. All that’s looking pretty good from my end. And if I can’t express such opinions in Canada, I will let the world know.”

It seems non-patient complaints — and NO patient complaints — are enough to lynch a Best-Selling Author | Clinical Psychologist | #1 Education Podcast creator

Although Peterson applied for a judicial review, saying the professional body had no say in his personal online commentary, the application was dismissed by The Ontario Divisional Court.  CBC reports that the ruling asserts that “the college’s decision falls within its mandate to regulate the profession in the public interest and does not affect his freedom of expression.”

Peterson told CBC News, “I’ll comply with their regulations, but I’m not going to do it in secret… And the reason I’m not going to do it in secret is because I don’t believe I’ve done anything wrong.”

The cost of the “reeducation” would be on Peterson to pay, and these “consultants” charge an hourly rate of $225 PER HOUR.

The Post Millennial reports:

The College required in January that Peterson “…work with either Dr. Erika Abner, LLM, LLB, Ph.D, or Gail Siskind, RN, MA, to review, reflect on, and ameliorate [his] professionalism in public statements,”and to “complete the Coaching Program within six months of receiving the ICRC Decision in this matter.” The cost would be on Peterson to pay, and these consultants charge an hourly rate of $225 per hour. The program could be extended at the discretion of the coach if Peterson’s progress was not to their liking.

Peterson would like to keep his professional licensing in Ontario, stating “I deserve it. I earned it. I haven’t done anything to justify suspending it, and I don’t want to give the hyenas their bones.” He refused to comply with the demand that he undergo this reeducation.

An online petition has been organized calling on the Ontario College of Psychologists to rescind their unreasonable, undemocratic, and punitive decision to sentence Dr. Jordan Peterson to mandatory “re-education.”






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Jim Crows back. Liberal Democrats lock up Black Man in Georgia.

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Jim Crows back. Liberal Democrats lock up Black Man in Georgia. For those who were to young, Jim Crow laws were laws that Progressive Liberal white Democrats passed to keep the black man down. They’re back. And showing up in Georgia.


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Weaponization of Social Media. Google Censors Campaign Websites of Republicans, RFK Jr.

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Weaponization of Social Media. Google Censors Campaign Websites of Republicans, RFK Jr. What’s it tell you when President Joe Biden’s campaign website, of course, showed up as the second search result along with a Democratic Party challenger Marianne Williamson’s campaign website, which came up as the fifth result. But not one Republican website just before the debate last week?

This from The Media Research Center (MRC), which monitors bias in media and tech companies, discovered the biased search results when conducting searches on Google for “presidential campaign websites.”

And forget about trying to find Robert Kennedy Jr.

US 2024 Presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy, Jr. (R), speaks during an address to the New Hampshire Senate at the State House in Concord, New Hampshire, on June 1, 2023. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso / AFP) (Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)

US 2024 Presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy, Jr. (R), speaks during an address to the New Hampshire Senate at the State House in Concord, New Hampshire, on June 1, 2023. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso / AFP) (Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)

Notably, 2024 Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., did not appear in Google’s search results even though he is, at present, the biggest threat to President Joe Biden’s nomination.


Child Abuse Crime Drugs

Dad smelled chemicals in apartment that were hurting his child. He caught his neighbor doing something shocking on security video.

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One of the drugs injected under the door of the victim’s apartment.

Umar Abdullah told WTVT-TV that his neighbor in a Tampa Bay-area apartment house began to complain about noise after Abdullah’s daughter was born last year.

“He complained about footsteps. He complained about door-closing sounds,” Abdullah said. “My landlord and I did a simulation, and we could hardly find any sound.”

He said that he began noticing an odd chemical odor in his home around May. The family replaced the water heater, checked their appliances, and had crews come out to check the home but found nothing. They were suffering from grogginess, sickness, and vomiting.

The smell returned in June, and he became suspicious, so he set up a security camera outside his door.

“This chemical odor came back,” Abdullah said. “I installed a hidden camera outside, because we were suspecting someone is basically tampering with our place from outside. And then we got our neighbor injecting something through our door.”

Abdullah said it happened several times before he called police and his neighbor, Xuming Li, was arrested. The video shows him filling a syringe before leaning down to apparently expel the chemical into the apartment under the door.

Li was charged with numerous counts of battery and possession of a controlled substance.

Abdullah wonders if the chemicals would have been lethal had they not been able to catch their neighbor in the act.

Xuming Li was enrolled as a Ph.D. student in the chemistry department at the University of South Florida, but a spokesperson for the school said he was no longer enrolled as of summer 2023.

The Tampa Police Department later said that the chemicals injected into the apartment included methadone and hydrocodone, two opioid pain medications.

Li’s attorney told WFLA-TV that he had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Here’s the shocking security video:


I’d bet a week’s salary that Li is from China. –TPR


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Just my two cents. Why affirmative action DA wants to move up all 19 cases.

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Just my two cents. Why affirmative action DA wants to move up all 19 cases. Willis was thrown a curve ball when co-defendant Kenneth Chesebro’s Wednesday request for a speedy trial.

Willis filed a motion Thursday in response to co-defendant Kenneth Chesebro’s Wednesday request for a speedy trial. She had initially requested to set the trial for March 4, 2024, just one day before Super Tuesday.

Now Chesebro made a brilliant move. He can request a speedy trial. Willis cannot. She knows that with the Chesebro trial she has to present all her evidence upfront.

This gives the other Defendents including Trump enough time to prepare for what she has. If she doesn’t reveal all her evidence, she can be found in violation.


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Conservative Journalist Gets $300,000 After ‘Antifa’ Assault at Protest.

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Conservative Journalist Andy   $300,000 After ‘Antifa’ Assault at Protest. Progressive group Antifa in this country started out, as the military wing of BLM. BLM would start the protests and riot. Antifa would attack those who opposed BLM riots.

Back in 2019, Katherine Belyea, Madison Allen, and Joseph Evans—attacked him at the event. Evans, who now goes by the legal name Sammich Overkill Schott-Deputy, was accused of striking Ngo and initiating the confrontation. Allen was accused of hitting him with a sign, while Belyea was accused of throwing a milkshake at him.


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Yes Virginia Democrats did say that a baby must die up to birth.

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Yes Virginia Democrats did say that a baby must die up to birth. The red head bitch did promote the “Women’s Health Protection Act,” which would have legalized abortion in America up until the moment of birth.

As you know, Jen is the second worse press secretary next to the affirmative action babe that’s there now.

Last night at the debate, it was mentioned about how the Progressives support abortion up to birth. Several states, run by Democrats have no restrictions on abortion whatsoever, including ColoradoOregon, and Washington, DC.

Other Democrat-run states, like CaliforniaNew York, and Illinois, allow abortions up to “viability” but allow abortions later in pregnancy with limited exceptions, including if a woman’s “mental health” is in danger.

Former Virginia Gov. Northam gave a now-infamous interview in 2019 during which he responded to a question about women requesting an abortion at the moment of childbirth.

If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.

Northam later said he had “no regrets” about his comment.

HHS  Secretary Xavier Becerra voted during his tenure in the House of Representatives in 2013 and 2015 against legislation that would ban abortion at five months into pregnancy. In 2015, he  voted against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, which aimed to protect children born alive during an abortion.



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Who Best Avoided the COVID Religion?

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One of the greatest contributions that America gave to the world was and is religious freedom. In 2020, that freedom was taken away from all religions in the United States. We’ve not yet come to terms with this awful reality and what it means for the future of faith.

The lockdowns were a major blow to religious institutions and practices. Every major survey shows that attendance at weekly religious services is down from pre-lockdown times.

“The share of all U.S. adults who say they typically attend religious services at least once a month is down modestly but measurably (by 3 percentage points, from 33 percent to 30 percent) over that span,” writes Pew, “and one in five Americans say they now attend in person less often than they did before the pandemic.”


I’ve had this confirmed by many friends who report that the religious houses of their choice seem to show far less participation. This very likely translates to a decline in financial support too. Once people got out of the habit of participating in a physical church, the ritual was broken and now we see the spreading of indifference. This is surely not a good sign.

But that picture is complicated by a strange feature: the religious congregations that resisted COVID controls and shutdowns have likely earned the trust and loyalty of their members. Indeed, this weekend, I happened to attend the debut of a new opera where attendance was dominated by what are called “traditionalist” Catholics. Talking with people after, I was thrilled to learn just how many of their congregations never closed down.

A priest friend of mine in the Midwest tells the story of Easter 2020, when almost every church in the country was closed. That’s an outrage, by the way. It’s a devastating commentary on the Catholic Bishops that they uttered no protest against this. It’s a black mark against an entire generation of Church leadership.

My priest friend, however, stood up to his own Bishop and said he would sooner resign his post as pastor than lock his own parishioners out of church on Holy Week.

“You are bluffing,” the Bishop said.

“Try me,” the priest answered.

The Bishop could not afford to take the chance of losing this man because his parish had a very large school and was thriving. So the meeting broke up with the Bishop neither given permission nor refusing it. The parish allowed parishioners to come in the back entrance where the media was not on the lookout, and they kept the lights in the building very low so as not to attract government officials.

Services went on. The parishioners have not forgotten this act of bravery and increased their participation and financial support in gratitude. The priest was tested and showed that he took seriously the Gospel message. He was not going to throw away the words of Jesus that wherever two or three gather in his name, there is God.

There is nothing in the Gospels about social distancing, much less mRNA jabs as a moral imperative.

Jesus ate with the lepers but Fauci told us not to get near each other because of a virus circulating with a 99 percent and higher survival rate, even while he was banning therapeutics and killing people with ventilators and toxic pharmaceuticals.

Those who trusted Jesus over Fauci have earned the respect of their congregations. But there is even more to it than that.

There is something about a very strong religious faith that protected people against government propaganda in those times. They could see straight through the lies even as more secular people, in general, went for the government-pushed baloney.

Think back to those times. Who resisted? Certainly, the traditional Catholics did, more than a few of them devoted to the older form of liturgy with Latin and all the smells and bells. They teach a stricter doctrine about sin and salvation than you get from the watered-down version in modern parish life. Those people were certainly among the resistance to government decrees.

It was the same with Jewish congregations. The typical Reform, Conservative, and Modern Orthodox temples and synagogues shut down and went to Zoom. This infuriated people and alienated them from their place of worship. But in many communities called “ultra-Orthodox” or Hasidic, among others, there was indefatigable resistance.

Indeed, both the governor and mayor of New York dared blame these faithful Jews for the spreading of disease. The New York Times agreed completely, despite how this claim revived one of the more grotesque smears of the Jews from the Middle Ages.

The Amish never paid the slightest attention to the disease frenzy that shut down the rest of society. In the Anabaptist tradition, which also includes the Mennonites, there is no real distinction between the community, the way of life, and the functioning of the place of worship. It is all in unity in both belief and practice. And so there simply was never a chance that these people would stop worshiping God in the way their tradition demands.

It was all true of many break-off sects of the so-called Mormons. Outside the confines of the official church that is forever seeking the respectability of the media and secular elites, these communities continued right on with their practices. And why not? Their whole lives are defined by the choice to believe and live in a certain way. Some hysterical screaming from D.C. and the media elites are not going to shake them from something much more fundamental: the relationship of their members to their God.

The evangelicals were a bit slow to catch on to the scam that was the lockdowns, but they figured it out too, many by the summer of 2020, and they started holding weddings and funerals. Regular weekly services returned to the howls of the media hounds, but they didn’t care. Once they had shaken off their fears, they were ready to get back to their religious obligations.

Tellingly, it was the more secular areas of the country that stayed closed longer. And the mainline Protestant and Catholic churches proved themselves all too willing to go along with the demands that they shut down services because of Fauci’s diktats.

For most of 2020 and 2021, many of these churches simply kept their doors closed or forcibly masked their parishioners. Horribly, some of them even went along with the vaccine mandate, not only for staff but parishioners, too.

“Nationwide, a number of churches and synagogues are implementing vaccine mandates,” wrote the Deseret News in September 2021. “Some are requiring not just clergy and staff to get vaccinated but even congregants. Grace Cathedral, an Episcopal church in San Francisco, California, is enforcing such an all encompassing mandate — complete with ushers who will politely turn away those without proof of vaccination.”

I’m not saying that such churches deserve to go out of business, but … actually, such churches deserve to go out of business.

What have we learned? People who take their faith seriously have proven that they are more immune to the lies of the secular elites than those who barely go through the motions. It’s the hardcore among them who put God ahead of government, their teachings ahead of the media, and their personal convictions ahead of the biomedical elite and their bogus claims.

In other words, it was faith itself that enabled people to follow real science better than those who outsourced their hearts and salvation to pharmaceutical companies and government bureaucrats. In other words, it was the people of firm religious conviction who proved to be better practitioners of both science and human values.

Think what that means in terms of the history of science and faith. For centuries, we’ve been told that only faithless rationalism provides a true guide to truth, while faith is merely a superstitious distraction. There are perhaps some valid historical reasons for this bias—certainly, the union of church and state was not good for religion or civic community—but the truth is more complicated.

The last three years have shown that this claim might be completely inverted. It is faith that allows people clarity to see through government propaganda and inspires people with moral conviction to do what is right regardless of what a totalitarian government happens to be preaching at any one time.

In the end, it was Fauci and the whole COVID regime that was the superstitious distraction, while robust and traditional religion provided the best guide to light and truth.

(This post has been copy-edited to correct grammatical errors. No content was deleted.)


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Tale of two Covid strains: EG.5 & new BA.2.86 variant – more likely to affect the Vaxxed (Hmm.)

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COVID is on the rise again: Here’s why you shouldn’t panic

What you need to know about the latest variant, how to protect yourself, and how to treat it if you do get sick.

Yusuf JP Saleeby MD  Dr. Keith Berkowitz  and the FLCCC Alliance  Aug 21, 2023

A new COVID variant is gaining ground in the United States. You’ve probably been hearing about it in the news, and we’ve certainly been seeing it in our patients in recent weeks. Here’s what you need to know about it, how to protect yourself, and how to treat it if you do get sick.

First of all, DO NOT PANIC.

EG.5 — also known as the “Eris” variant — certainly seems to be highly contagious, but from what we’re seeing it is less virulent. In other words, it’s a lot like the Omicron variants we’ve seen recently — lots of cases, but not a lot of extreme illness or hospitalization.

If you’ve been exposed to the virus before, you likely have some natural ability to fight it off. We are finding that patients who have not been previously exposed are the ones hit hardest right now.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take steps to protect yourself. The good news is that the advice we’ve been sharing from the FLCCC all along still stands — do what you can to prevent getting ill (more on that below) and if you do get it, treat immediately. Early treatment is critical.

Common symptoms

The symptoms of this latest wave are like other respiratory illnesses, and include things like dry cough, sore throat, conjunctivitis, headache, skin rashes, diarrhea, and fever. However, we have been noticing a few unique symptoms, including:

  • Nasal congestion and sinus pain
  • Dental pain and soreness of gums and teeth
  • Puffy face
  • Swelling and/or pain related to the orbit of the eye
  • Malaise and muscle pain
  • Tiredness and fatigue

There is no need to wait for a confirmed PCR test to begin treatment if these symptoms arise. The tests were developed for older variants and reliability was mixed at best. Tests can be negative for days until a positive result appears, and that is valuable time lost. If you begin to experience any of the symptoms listed above, start treatment immediately. If you need a healthcare provider, check the FLCCC directory.

If you have difficulty breathing or shortness of breath (dyspnea), chest pain or chest pressure, or lost motor skills or the ability to speak, seek medical attention immediately.

In terms of a treatment strategy, we want to start with killing the virus in the upper respiratory system. Nasal rinses and nose or throat sprays are effective for this. We have advice on this in the I-CARE: Early COVID treatment protocol. This should be paired with systemic antivirals like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Next, it is important to take a range of supplements that help boost the immune system. This includes things like: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Quercetin with bromelain, N-acetyl cysteine, Probiotics, Omega-3 fatty acids, Melatonin (slow release is best), Zinc (taken with Quercetin), Selenium, and Andrographis.

If you are symptomatic, try a low-histamine diet that cuts out foods like sauerkraut and other fermented foods, alcohol, processed meat, aged cheese, certain types of fish and shellfish, and nightshade vegetables like tomato and eggplant.

If you’ve been following FLCCC for a while, much of this will sound familiar. Our early treatment protocol is still the right place to start when COVID comes to call.

Prevent illness in the first place

While we’re at it, let’s talk about getting your immune system into shape, and other evasive actions you can take to make sure you’re strong, healthy, and ready to fight off any virus coming your way this fall.

  • Follow our prevention protocol: Some easy things you can do include mouthwash and nasal spray, zinc supplements, Vitamins C and D, melatonin, quercetin or resveratrol, and elderberry.
  • Clean up your diet: It almost goes without saying, but what you eat and when you eat it has a profound effect on your overall health. Intermittent fasting and balancing your gut microbiome are key.
  • Get enough Vitamin D: There is a clear link between low vitamin D levels and the risk of infections and other illnesses. Fortunately, boosting your vitamin D with supplementation is fairly easy and inexpensive.
  • Reduce stress: Too much stress can create hormonal and other imbalances that suppress your immune system. Incorporate stress-reduction techniques into your daily routine for your overall well-being and to ensure you’re prepared to fight off infection.
  • Get good sleep: Sleep recharges your body so your systems can function properly. On average, adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night.
  • Get outside and get some fresh air: Spending about 30 minutes outdoors each day can help the skin synthesize vitamin D, and sunlight has many other great therapeutic powers too.

Many people have asked whether they should start up a prophylactic treatment of ivermectin again. On that front, our advice has not really changed: if you have significant comorbidities, lack natural immunity, or have a suppressed immune system you may want to try a twice-weekly dose of ivermectin at 0.2 mg/kg. Likewise, consider it if you are currently suffering from long COVID or post-vaccine syndrome and are not currently being treated with ivermectin. If you have an upcoming situation where you may have high possible exposure — such as travel, weddings, or conferences — taking daily ivermectin starting two days before departure and either daily or every other day during the period of high exposure is a reasonable approach.

Remember to immediately initiate daily ivermectin at treatment doses (0.4 mg/kg) at the first signs of any kind of viral syndrome. It bears repeating: Early treatment is essential!

Most of all, pay no mind to the ongoing drumbeat of fear-mongering that the mainstream media is providing. We know the routine. We’ve been here before.

The information in this article is a recommended approach to preventing and treating COVID-19 infections in adults. Patients should always consult with a trusted healthcare provider before starting any medical treatment.

New COVID Variant More Likely to Infect Vaccinated

vial of blood labeled 'New Variant'

Wednesday, 23 August 2023

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Wednesday the new BA.2.86 lineage of coronavirus may be more capable than older variants in causing infection in people who have previously had COVID-19 or who have received vaccines.

CDC said it was too soon to know whether this might cause more severe illness compared with previous variants.

But due to the high number of mutations detected in this lineage, there were concerns about its impact on immunity from vaccines and previous infections, the agency said.

Scientists are keeping an eye on the BA.2.86 lineage because it has 36 mutations that distinguish it from the currently-dominant XBB.1.5 variant.

CDC, however, said virus samples are not yet broadly available for more reliable laboratory testing of antibodies.

The agency had earlier this month said it was tracking the highly mutated BA.2.86 lineage, which has been detected in the United States, Denmark and Israel.

CDC said on Wednesday the current increase in hospitalizations in the United States is not likely driven by the BA.2.86 lineage.



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Report: Judge in Trump Jan 6 Case Previously Said in Open Court He’s Guilty of Crimes!

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Former President Donald Trump, left, can’t expect much of a fair trial on charges being brought before U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, right. Chutkan has effectively pronounced Trump guilty already — and in open court. (Alex Brandon / AP ; Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts / AP)

This is giving kangaroo courts a bad name.

A kangaroo court is a parody of justice

The trial of former President Donald Trump in the District of Columbia isn’t even close to starting yet, but Americans who support the 45th president can already be sure of one thing: The judge has already reached her own verdict.

It’s been clear from the get-go that U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan is biased in the case being brought by Department of Justice special counsel Jack Smith that accuses Trump of four counts related to the Capitol incursion of Jan. 6, 2021: conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights.

But a review of Chutkan’s handling of Capitol incursion defendants by the website RealClearInvestigations yielded an explosive result: Chutkan is not only biased, she’s tacitly pronounced Trump guilty, in open court, of what are essentially the charges against him.

And she’s done it more than once.

In one case, Chutkan sentenced Christine Priola, a Cleveland woman, to 15 months in prison after Priola pleaded guilty to obstructing an official proceeding and aiding and abetting, according to WJW in Cleveland.

But judging by Chutkan’s words from the bench at the Oct. 28 hearing, the real culprit was Donald Trump, and he deserved to be in prison, too.

The participants in the incursion “were there in fealty, in loyalty, to one man — not to the Constitution, of which most of the people who come before me seem woefully ignorant, not to the ideals of this country, and not to the principles of democracy,” Chutkan said, according to RealClearInvestigations.

“It’s a blind loyalty to one person who, by the way, remains free to this day.”


“Free to this day”? Sounds an awful lot like Chutkan was wishing she was putting Donald Trump behind bars, not a former occupational therapist from Ohio.

In another case, she sentenced Texas resident Matthew Mazzocco to 45 days behind bars when, according to The Washington Post. Prosecutors had only asked for probation.

And, in Chutkan’s words, she made it clear that Trump was the man who should have been standing before her instead.

Mazzocco, Chutkan said, “went there to support one man who he viewed had the election taken from him. In total disregard of a lawfully conducted election, he went to the Capitol in support of one man, not in support of our country or in support of democracy.”

And that “one man” is going to be relying on Chutkan to dispense impartial justice in her courtroom?

With that kind of record, it’s more than understandable that Rep. Matt Gaetz, the Florida Republican firebrand, has introduced a measure to censure Chutkan for her comments — not only regarding Trump himself but also comparing the Capitol incursion, unfavorably, to the Black Lives Matter rioters who burned American cities during the summer of 2020.

“But to compare the actions of people protesting, mostly peacefully, for civil rights, to those of a violent mob seeking to overthrow the lawfully elected government is a false equivalency and ignores a very real danger that the Jan. 6 riots posed to the foundation of our democracy,” she said at Mazzocco’s sentencing hearing, The Washington Post reported.

Gaetz clearly knows, just like any honest observer knows, that Chutkan has reached her own decision on the Trump case — and the decision is clearly going to color every decision she makes as it proceeds.

A kangaroo court is a parody of justice, where predetermined verdicts get the color of due process, the fiction that a legal proceeding has ensured the rights of the accused, as well as the rights and duties of the society whose rules he is supposed to have violated.


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