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Thanks for adding to our websites. Correction Phoenix’s website.

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Thanks for adding to our websites. Correction Phoenix’s website. It was what about a month ago I started posting on the recreated disqus house channels. My goal was simple. Bring over more viewers and disqus comments on Phoenix’s websites. It’s working.

Views are up and even more progressives are viewing. Granted very few still comment, but that’s because of the fear of being doxed or personally attacked.

Now I got banned on Breaking News and Chit Chat. The one Anti Semite moderator claimed that my using words in my article title was causing unnecessary grief. Here are those terrible words. Make sure no children read this:)

Glorious, Winning, Winning again. Here’s the shocker. Progressives flagged me. Also two moderators were so devastated that I used those words that they both broke several fingers slamming the ban button.

Just as I invited kandy over, I’ll invite them also.

So if you want to see the drama that I caused, enter at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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