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The Cure is Worse Than the Disease.

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The Cure is Worse Than the Disease. Supporting the former things..


The take home message that I get from this cartoon – is that we all have to get out and vote in the primaries, as well as general elections. It is in the primaries where we lose a lot of our conservative candidates – particularly in purple regions.
It is by getting out and voting, that things will change in the House and Senate.


Bonus points for anyone who can figure this out.

A meeting of heroes and martinis last night!

Dr Bhattacharya, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr. Maryanne Demasi, Dr. Simon Goddek, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty and Jeffrey Tucker, among many others were at the Brownstone Conference and Gala in Dallas Texas for a great day of discussions, followed by a fantastic dinner.

Pictured: Naomi Wolf and Jill at the Brownstone Gala last night.

The expression √(1+tan²c) can be simplified using the trigonometric identity:

  • tan²c + 1 = sec²c
  • Therefore, the expression can be rewritten as:
  • √(1+tan²c) = √sec²c
  • The square root of sec²c is simply sec c.
  • So, √(1+tan²c) simplifies to sec c.
  • So the shirt reads:
    “I’m sec c and I know it”





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