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Why are we surprised? It’s California. Test scores fall.

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Why are we surprised? It’s California. Test scores fall. I was always taught that you went to school to learn how to read and write. But one school in the San Francisco school system is teaching hate, racism, and bigotry. So, what about the basics?

Just 3.8% of students were proficient in math and 11.6% at grade-level in English for the 2022-23 school year — a decline of about 4.5 percentage points in each category from the previous year, according to data from the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress. In plain English, they got worse. One reason why.

Student achievement at a San Francsico-area elementary school fell dramatically following the establishment of a woke teaching policy through a $250,000 federal grant.

Two years into a three-year contract with Woke Kindergarten, a for-profit company that trains teachers to confront white supremacy, disrupt racism and oppression, and remove those barriers to learning, test scores in English and math at Glassbrook Elementary in Hayward, California, reached new lows, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Saturday.

Tiger Craven-Neeley, a teacher at Glassbrook, told the Chronicle he supports discussing racism in the classroom but found the Woke Kindergarten training confusing and rigid. He said he was told a primary objective was to “disrupt whiteness” in the school — and that the sessions were “not a place to express white guilt.”

Craven-Neeley, who is white and a self-described “gay moderate,” said he questioned a trainer who used the phrasing “so-called United States,” as well as lessons available on the organization’s website offering “Lil’ Comrade Convos,” or positing a world without police, money, or landlords. He said he wasn’t trying to be difficult when he asked for clarification about disrupting whiteness.




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