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FDA and the CDC knew, but the CDC never released the facts. The CDC Drafted a Vaccine-Related Myocarditis Alert But Never Sent It.

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FDA and the CDC knew, but the CDC never released the facts. The CDC Drafted a Vaccine-Related Myocarditis Alert but Never Sent It. I did an article the other day about how the FDA report on the dangers of the Vaccine was and no one paid attention.

Now we find out that the CDC Drafted a Vaccine-Related Myocarditis Alert but for some reason, kept it secret and never released it.

The Epoch Times reported:

“The CDC started receiving reports of post-vaccination myocarditis in January 2021 and either failed to detect or ignored a safety signal for myocarditis and the mRNA shots the following month … The agency also hid a warning from Israel, the country that first vaccinated young people, who face the highest risk of myocarditis from COVID-19 vaccination.”

Rather than disseminating the myocarditis risk via the Health Alert Network (HAN), a platform that would have actually alerted the public, the CDC chose to bury the details in a document titled “Clinical Considerations.”


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No Virginia, CNN and MSNBC don’t support Nikki for President.

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No Virginia, CNN and MSNBC don’t support Nikki for President. Sadly, she’s under the impression that Democrats support her. But there were enough people who outside the polling areas who said their vote for her was a vote against Trump.

Most of those interviewed said if it came down to Haily or Trump vs Biden, they would vote for Biden. What part of that doesn’t she understand? And Haley’s love fest with CNN and MSNBC?

I guess she doesn’t see that their interest is to keep Haley in the race just to keep the focus off of Biden and his disastrous blunders he makes daily. Remember that they did the same to John McCain.

The more money spent on Trump and Haley fighting, the less available to go after Biden.


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Union Management supports Biden. Workers support Trump.

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Union Management supports Biden. Workers support Trump. In a strange interview, the UAW President admitted that the Joe Bag a Donut worker was not supporting the Union upper management pick.

United Auto Workers (UAW) President Shawn Fain said “a great majority” of American union workers in the auto industry “will not vote for” President Joe Biden against presumptive Republican presidential nominee former President Donald Trump.

“Look, let me be clear about this. A great majority of our members will not vote for President Biden. Yes, some will. But that’s the reality of this,” Fain told Neil Cavuto.


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How did we miss this? FDA adds a warning to Covid-19 vaccines about risk of heart inflammation.

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How did we miss this? FDA adds a warning to Covid-19 vaccines about risk of heart inflammation. Back in June of 2021 The FDA added a warning about the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis to fact sheets for Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines.

Did the doctors, clinics, or folks giving the shots advise the folks as they got the shots for themselves or their children? If you got this warning beforehand, would you have taken the jab?

This from CNN is almost three years old, and folks are still getting sick and dying from myocarditis and pericarditis. So, when another vaccine for COVID comes out, will you or your child or grandchild get the next jab?


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Are EVs Actually Cheaper to Own? Maybe Not.

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Are EVs Actually Cheaper to Own? Maybe Not.

Electric vehicles (EVs) have undeniably entered the mainstream in the United States. According to estimates from Kelley Blue Book, more EVs were sold last year than were sold between 2011 and 2018. The roughly 1.2 million new EVs put into service in 2023 represented 7.6% of the total U.S. car market. Cox Automotive’s Economics and Industry Insights team boldly predicted that this share will climb to 10% in 2024.

EVs’ impressive growth has played out even though they remain significantly more expensive to purchase than gasoline-powered cars, with only a handful of options priced below $40,000. EV proponents counter this drawback by claiming that EVs are actually cheaper to own over the long term, with lower fuel and maintenance costs making up for the higher sticker price. Studies examining cars’ total cost of ownership back their assertions.

However, these studies (and there are many) are only as reliable as their completeness. After all, a wide variety of expenses factor into a vehicle’s lifetime cost, and excluding or miscalculating one could drastically skew the calculation. That’s why researchers at the University of Michigan’s Center for Sustainable Systems reviewed the dozens of “total cost of ownership” studies to craft their own. Published on January 3rd in the Journal of Industrial Ecology, their analysis aimed to correct for the shortcomings of previous research.

A closer look at EV costs

Maxwell Woody, a research assistant pursuing Ph.Ds in resource policy and behavior and mechanical engineering, led the effort. He and his colleagues accounted for all the usual costs, such as purchase price, fuel, maintenance, repairs, insurance, annual fees, and financing. Unlike prior analyses, however, they also:

  • adjusted for the effect of temperature on fuel efficiency
  • tracked vehicles over 25-year lifetimes
  • categorized vehicles by size, range, and type
  • accounted for different EV charging behaviors, and explored the cost of ownership in 14 cities from across the U.S.

The findings broadly challenge the optimistic cost-of-ownership assessments frequently touted by EV enthusiasts. The researchers found that while small and low-range EVs capable of traveling around 200 miles are indeed less expensive to own than their gas-powered counterparts, larger, long-range EVs that can cover 400 miles are more expensive. Midsize SUV EVs — currently the top-selling models by far — only reach cost parity if government incentives are applied.

“EVs are more competitive in cities with high gasoline prices, low electricity prices, moderate climates, and direct purchase incentives, and for users with home charging access, time-of-use electricity pricing, and high annual mileage,” the researchers summarized.

Since EVs are broadly more expensive to purchase upfront than comparable gas vehicles, the best way to assess whether an EV will ultimately be cheaper to own over the long term is by looking at its break-even time: when its lower recurring costs make up for its higher upfront cost. Woody and his team found that 200-mile range compact and midsize electric sedans reach this point in 3 to 7 years, while 300-mile range variants take nine to 20 years to break even. Electric SUVs and trucks with 300 miles of range generally take more than 20 years, while 400-mile range EVs will never break even over their lifetimes.

Keep in mind, however, that this assessment did not include the Federal EV tax credit, which reduces the purchase price of certain EVs by $3,750 or $7,500. When included, the affordability scale tips decidedly toward EVs.

“For 200-mile range BEVs, the breakeven time is under 2 years for compact vehicles and sedans, and under 5 years for small and midsize SUVs in each city,” the researchers reported. “Small 300-mile range vehicles break even in under 10 years in each city, and larger 300-mile range vehicles break even in under 10 years in many cities…there are a few cities in which 400-mile BEV compact and midsize sedans will break even with [gas-powered] counterparts after 15−20 years.”

Cost parity down the road

Still, there are numerous unknowns in the assessment, such as whether a substantial number of EVs will require battery replacements outside of their warranties, mandated to be a minimum of 8 years and 100,000 miles. Also unknown is how the costs of gasoline and electricity will change in the future. The study also didn’t compare vehicle costs in rural areas.

Overall, the greatest factor in determining whether an EV will be cheaper to own than a gas vehicle is the ability to charge at home, where electricity is cheapest. (In their analysis, the researchers assumed that EV owners charge at home 80% of the time and at public charging stations 20% of the time.) Without home charging, an EV will likely never be cheaper over its lifetime.

“Home charging access reduces the lifetime cost by approximately $10,000 on average, and up to $26,000,” Woody and his team reported.

The study is just a snapshot in time, the researchers noted. An EV’s battery constitutes a significant portion of its upfront cost. With battery prices predicted to continue steadily declining in the coming years, the math is likely to shift more in favor of EVs.

This article was first published at Big Think.


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Setting the record straight January 6.

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Setting the record straight January 6. I found this X this morning. Greenwald isn’t your typical Liberal. He will point out left wing lies, and he uses common sense and simple logic to prove his point.

The latest narrative Greenwald is trying to exorcise from the souls of liberals is that January 6 was an attempted coup, armed rebellion, or an insurrection. It’s an emphatic no on all fronts. Joe Biden is president, the military was not deployed, and Trump left willingly. All of the characteristics of a traditional coup d’état are absent, and the former Guardian journalist slaps down all the points made by liberals Destiny and the Krassenstein brothers, Ed and Brian.

If there was an attempt to take over the government, Trump would have been arrested after the so-called insurrection happened. That did not happen.

The DOJ did not get involved until after Trump announced that he was running for President again.



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Progressives interrupt Biden on the campaign trail.

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Progressives interrupt Biden on the campaign trail. Biden was on the campaign trail giving the debunked speech about how the economy is roaring and everything’s great. Well members of his base, Progressives for Hamas showed up.

Jill and Harriss were also in attendance. They interrupted Biden’s campaign event more than a dozen times. Biden looked around lost as protestors shouted, “Genocide Joe!” Below are some clips of the event.





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8th grader attacked by WOKE Principal.

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8th grader attacked by WOKE Principal.

Are you kidding me? At a local high school in the San Diego school district, an eighth grader was suspended because he was accused of being racist. This from the father.

The principal called J.A. into the office, and the next morning my wife and I showed up and he said, ‘He did blackface,’ and he was suspended for two days and was gonna be banned from sports.”

Ameduri said he then showed the Muirlands Middle School principal a photo from that night, which he thought would end the controversy and “vindicate” his son.

“He was like, ‘No, that’s blackface,'” Ameduri said.

“Anyone that has ever been to a sports game knows that this is very normal and these are kids that were playing hide and seek a few days prior at my house… half of the group are minorities, some of them African American, it’s just ridiculous that this would be a racial incident,” he said.

The family is now suing.



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Biden and his sharp Brain based Cognitive Abilities.

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Biden and his sharp Brain based Cognitive Abilities. Recently folks have mentioned that Donald Trump is starting to resemble Joe Biden when it comes to Cognitive abilities. Trump has been tested. Biden refuses to mention if he has. Below is the definition of Cognitive abilities.
The list is endless.



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No Labels Asks the Justice Department to Investigate Its Critics.

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No Labels Asks the Justice Department to Investigate Its Critics.

NY Times Article.

No Labels, the centrist group that could field a third-party presidential bid, has asked the Justice Department to investigate what it calls unlawful intimidation by groups that oppose it.

The group filed a complaint on Jan. 11, accusing a number of political figures and other critics of engaging in voter suppression and violating federal law, including the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO, which is often used to combat organized crime.

Leaders of No Labels who described the complaint during a news conference on Thursday pointed largely to previously reported details of efforts to oppose the group, as well as incendiary statements that some of its critics had made on political podcasts.

The group compared the efforts of its opponents to those of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1950s and ’60s and the fictional mob boss Tony Soprano. A montage of clips shown by the group included Rick Wilson, a founder of the anti-Trump Republican group the Lincoln Project, saying last spring that the group had to “be burned to the ground,” using an expletive — although the clip had been cut off before Mr. Wilson adds the word “politically.” (After being asked about the shortened clip, the group uploaded a version of the video with the full statement.)

Other critics featured in the montage were Jonathan V. Last of The Bulwark, a conservative news outlet, and Matt Bennett of Third Way, a centrist Democratic group.

Former Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina, a national co-chairman of No Labels, said that opponents of the group were “using intimidation to keep people off the ballot,” and attacking “the rights of the American people and our democracy.”

In a statement on Thursday, the Lincoln Project accused No Labels of trying to “weaponize the D.O.J.” to “attack their opponents for protected political speech.” In a separate statement, Third Way called the complaint “an all-too-predictable attempt to distract from the fact that No Labels has no chance of winning.” The Bulwark did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The complaint filed by No Labels was unusual for a group involved in campaign politics. Attacks and pressure campaigns against potential candidates, donors and supporters of a party are common in politics, particularly in high-profile presidential races, and are considered widely permissible by courts under First Amendment speech protections.

The group’s claims that its opponents are meaningfully infringing on voting rights are also complicated by the fact that a number of third-party presidential candidates have already entered the race, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the prominent environmental lawyer turned anti-vaccine activist.

In contrast, No Labels has yet to commit to entering the presidential race, and it remains unclear who would run under the group’s ballot line if it did. Senator Joe Manchin III, a conservative Democrat from West Virginia, who has been touring New Hampshire, is seen as a top potential candidate.

The group has also fought to block candidates from using its ballot line to run for offices other than president and vice president, in part to avoid disclosing its donors.

Ryan Clancy, the group’s chief strategist, said on Thursday that the group was “not trying to stand in the way of either party nominating whoever they want.” But Mr. Clancy and other leaders of the group said they would decide to enter the race only when it became clear that the two major parties would nominate President Biden and former President Donald J. Trump.

Chris Cameron covers politics for The Times, focusing on breaking news and the 2024 campaign. 



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