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So where are the free COVID tests coming from?

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So where are the free COVID tests coming from? Many think that they’re made in the USA and coming from American companies. Well not really. China and other countries with American locations.

Not all American Corporations..

What they didn’t mention is that many of these companies are foreign organizations that simply have small offices or manufacturing centers in the United States, and that much of the supplies are being imported from the foreign principals.

Access Bio is based in South Korea.

Advin is based in India.

iHealth is a California-based subsidiary of Andon Health of China.

Kwell Laboratories is based in South Korea

Sekisui is based in Japan.

In total, more than $312 million, through a contract branded to “reduce our reliance on overseas manufacturing” is being distributed to foreign companies. And $167 million has been awarded to the China-based iHealth, which has received *billions* of dollars from the U.S. government for their Covid tests.

Article originally was at The Dossier


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