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I’m living up to my promise. Finally.Thanks to Amazon Over $39,000 went to help the needy.

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Several years ago I told two former mods on News Views that I would ignore the owner there, well after the owner and others at News Views doxed my family, I broke my promise. The promise was that I would make a sizable donation to a charity. I made several contributions but nothing significant. Until now. I partnered with Amazon  and picked Compassion International. Except for the software I bought, I donated all commissions to the same group. Over $39,000 was donated last quarter. Here’s some of what they do.

 work primarily through child sponsorship.

But also have specific initiatives to:

Critical needs include opportunities to provide medical assistance (e.g., surgeries, transplants, casts, wheelchairs and canes, cancer treatment, etc.), food security with extra food and nutritional supplements, income-generation training, emergency home repairs and disaster relief, access to clean and safe water, education assistance, and other necessities.

It’s taken me a while to do this, but if not for Amazon, this wouldn’t have been possible. I no longer use Amazon as an advertiser, but I just may start back up with them.


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