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But, but $20 an hour was to create a fair livable wage. Pizza Hut across California lays off drivers.

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But, but $20 an hour was to create a fair livable wage. Pizza Hut across California lays off drivers. So what happened? Why would anyone be surprised? This is only the beginning. The increase goes into effect come April. Don’t be surprised if more layoffs happen.

KTLA 5 reported:

Two large Pizza Hut operators in California are laying off all their delivery drivers ahead of a new state law that raises the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $20 an hour, Business Insider reports.

The layoffs impact hundreds of Pizza Hut locations across the state including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Ventura and San Bernardino counties and Sacramento, and involve more than 1,200 in-house delivery drivers.

The job cuts will take place through February, according to federal employment notices obtained by Business Insider.

In 2022, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California signed the FAST Act into law. It called for the minimum wage for fast-food workers to increase to $22 an hour in 2023. But corporate chains such as McDonald’s, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, and franchise-advocacy groups fought the law. A coalition of restaurant-industry organizations said the law could raise costs for fast-food restaurants by $3 billion. They rallied to get a referendum on the ballot.

A new law, AB 1228, replaced the controversial FAST Act this year. The minimum-wage increase for fast-food workers was changed to $20 an hour. The new law was viewed as a compromise between the labor unions representing fast-food workers and the restaurant industry.

So, now those folks will have to rely on third party delivery services and you know that won’t be cheap. The law affects 557,000 fast-food workers at 30,000 restaurants in California.


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How can this be? GM laying off workers? But it’s all about building the EV.

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How can this be? GM laying off workers? But it’s all about building the EV. Not so long ago we were told that this new contract would make life so much better for the union folk. Huge raise come at a price, but no the workers wouldn’t listen. Now the layoffs begin.

First it was the slashing od 24% of the workforce at it’s Cruse division. And all the robo taxi’s built there recalled.

Now this. GM plans to lay off about 1,300 workers in Michigan starting early next year due to vehicles they produce ending production, the company disclosed in state documents.

But don’t worry they will have jobs for you in 2025. Yeah right.



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Joe Biden’s America. UPS Lays Off 100s of Workers in Biden’s Hometown Scranton

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Whole article is here.


UPS is laying off hundreds of workers in Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Louisville, KY, and President Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

“UPS is transitioning some of the work currently done at one of our Global Business Services offices in Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Louisville, KY, and Scranton, PA to another location,” UPS said. “We are having one-on-one meetings with the affected employees to discuss their next steps with the company, which includes the opportunity to apply for open positions at UPS.”


“This layoff will be permanent, and ‘bumping rights’ (that is, the right to avoid termination by displacing another employee) do not exist,” UPS said in a letter to affected employees.

Employees told local news outlets they feel like “we don’t matter” and that it is “just a terrible blow” for those who have worked for the company for years.

As Newswatch 16 reported:

The employees at the UPS facility in Dunmore we talked to wanted to remain anonymous, but they said they feel like they are “being used” for the company’s busiest time of year before the layoffs take effect.

Jim Bognet, a candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district, expressed his support for Pennsylvanian workers on Twitter. “I will FIGHT for the workers of Northeast Pennsylvania,” Bognet tweeted.


“UPS should be embarrassed to announce their shameful plan to layoff 232 hardworking employees. Unfortunately layoffs, inflation, and misery are all too common in Joe Biden and Matt Cartwright’s America,” Bognet said in a statement. “When I’m in Congress, I’ll fight for the workers of Northeast Pennsylvania. I will fight to cut regulations and help businesses grow.”

“‘Scranton’ Joe Biden and ‘Lapdog’ Matt Cartwright have let down the people of Lackawanna County that they claim to represent,” Bognet said.


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