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Trump to the Rescue. Hope in a town called East Palestine, Ohio.

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After the train wreck in my backyard, a small town called East Palestine, Ohio was looking for help. The governor and Ohio EPA and the locals heard the call. Feds were nowhere to be found.

President Trump heard the call and suddenly help was on the way. Water, Cleaning products, and Trump personal were on the scene. Trump said I’m coming and now the Feds arre tripping over themselves to get here. Joey boy was last seen hiding out in Europe. He was actually caught trying to flee.

Trump supporters wait for their President in Ohio with a message for Joe Biden. (Benny Johnson)

The Trump supporters are lining the streets in Ohio.





And supplies for the suffering.


No Mo Joe!

A hero will rise.


This is great.


Don Jr. went off on Pete Buttigieg



Will this be the Savior of the Republican Party in California? Or the next Arnold?

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Will this be the Savior of the Republican Party in California? Or the next Arnold? Can the only Republican mayor of a major city save the California Republican party? And save the state from the economic and Covid mess Newsom created?

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer on Monday established a political committee to begin raising money for a possible run for governor, kicking off what could be a tumultuous year in California politics as Gov. Gavin Newsom faces the threat of a recall election.

A Republican hasn’t won a statewide election in the heavily Democratic state since 2006, and registered Democrats outnumber Republicans in California by nearly 2-to-1. But a recall election could attract dozens of candidates who would cut up the vote and lower the percentage needed to win, a scenario that could provide an opening for a Republican candidate in the Democratic-dominated state.


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