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Axios warns about ‘reckoning’ on news outlets that touted the Steele dossier.

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Axios Article is here.

As we see more and more come out about the Clinton Russian collusion, some left wing hate news channels still don’t get it. But Axios seems to.

A reckoning is hitting news organizations for years-old coverage of the 2017 Steele dossier, after the document’s primary source was charged with lying to the FBI.

Why it matters: It’s one of the most egregious journalistic errors in modern history, and the media’s response to its own mistakes has so far been tepid.

Outsized coverage of the unvetted document drove a media frenzy at the start of Donald Trump’s presidency that helped drive a narrative of collusion between former President Trump and Russia.

  • It also helped drive an even bigger wedge between former President Trump and the press at the very beginning of his presidency.

Driving the news: In wake of the key source’s arrest and further reporting on the situation, The Washington Post on Friday corrected and removed large portions of two articles.

  • To The Post’s credit, its media critic, Erik Wemple, has written at length about the mistakes made by The Post and other media outlets in their coverage of the dossier.

BuzzFeed News, which made waves in 2017 by publishing the entire dossier, says it has no plans to take the document down. It’s still online, accompanied by a note that says “The allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors.”

  • Ben Smith, who was BuzzFeed’s editor-in-chief at the time and is now a media columnist at The New York Times, told Axios, “My view on the logic of publishing hasn’t changed.”
  • BuzzFeed defended the decision in a 2018 lawsuit by arguing that because the FBI opened an investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, the dossier itself was newsworthy, whatever the merits of its contents turned out to be. It won that case. Other outlets that gave the document outsized coverage have so far been less forthcoming.


  • CNN and MSNBC did not respond to requests for comment about whether they planned to revisit or correct any of their coverage around the dossier
  • Mother Jones Washington bureau chief David Corn began reporting about the dossier prior to the 2016 election. Asked by Wemple whether he planned to correct the record, Corn said,” My priority has been to deal with the much larger topic of Russia’s undisputed attack and Trump’s undisputed collaboration with Moscow’s cover-up.”
  • Corn did not respond to a request to speak on the record with Axios.
  • The Wall Street Journal told Axios, “We’re aware of the serious questions raised by the allegations and continue to report and to follow the investigation closely.”
  • Axios was among the outlets that did not publish the dossier or original reporting based on its contents.

What to watch: The Steele screwup will undoubtedly cause an even bigger rift in trust between Democrats and Republicans.


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Commerce department sides with the Chinese.

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What happened here was this. To avoid the tariffs the Chinese moved the plants and slave labor force to other Asian countries.

The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) released a statement after the Department of Commerce sided with Chinese solar manufacturers after rejecting a request from U.S. domestic solar manufacturers to investigate illegal and unfair circumvention of trade remedies on Chinese solar cells and modules. The American Solar Manufacturers Against Chinese Circumvention (“A-SMACC”) filed petitions on August 16, 2021 requesting that the Department of Commerce investigate unfairly traded imports from Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam of solar cells and modules that are unlawfully circumventing antidumping and countervailing (AD/CVD) duties on China. Last month, CPA urged the Biden administration to support U.S. domestic solar manufacturers and address China’s illegal circumvention.

“The Commerce Department’s unwillingness to investigate illegal circumvention by Chinese solar companies is a gift to the Chinese Communist Party that comes at the expense of American companies and American workers,” said Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA. “President Biden promised to create 10 million green new jobs. Instead, this decision ensures that China’s use of Uyghur forced labor in Xinjiang to manufacture polysilicon will continue. The Biden administration claims to want to Build Back Better and boost U.S. domestic manufacturing. But a decision like this that only benefits the Chinese Communist Party is a serious red flag that the Build Back Better initiative is nothing more than a slogan.”

Last month, CPA released a statement after five Chinese solar companies—LONGi Green Energy, JinkoSolar, Trina Solar, JA Solar and Risen Energy—issued a statement in a blatant attempt to undermine the Biden administration’s trade enforcement actions and scare the U.S. solar industry into manufacturing a crisis.

Four of these Chinese solar companies were named in an explosive academic report that was released by the Coalition to End Forced Labour in the Uyghur Region detailing the widespread use of Uyghur forced labour within the solar industry. The report found that the four largest solar panel suppliers in the world—JinkoSolar, JASolar, TrinaSolar and LONGi—all source from at least one polysilicon manufacturer that is implicated in Uyghur forced labour either through direct participation in forced labour schemes, and/or through their raw material sourcing.

Chinese solar companies, and a Washington special interest group funded by them, have been lobbying the Biden administration and Congress to remove the Section 201 solar tariffs on Chinese solar companies, prevent the Department of Commerce from investigating alleged circumvention of anti-dumping and countervailing duties on solar imports, and against the Biden administration’s actions aimed at Chinese solar companies’ use of forced labor in Xinjiang. Additionally, a group of 12 Senate Democrats recently sent a letter to the Department of Commerce parroting the talking points of Chinese solar companies and their trade association that lobbies on their behalf.


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Sell your house and run. Same loons who said you won’t get COVID if you get a jab or two.

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As I’ve mentioned in the past, a few loons told Ohio folks to move after GM during the Obama reign announced they were shutting down auto plants including one in Ohio. Well some sold their homes and fled. The smart ones stayed and are much better off. Here’s why.

Now the GM plant was Union. What did the remaining 700 do? Some probably got a Union job at the TJ Max distribution centre. Or the Union job at the Macy distribution centre. Or the Union job at the Old Dominion Truck depot. Did I mention the 1,500 JOBS AT THE GM battery plant? Over 3,500 Union jobs to pick from.

And if a union job isn’t your cup of tea? How about this? Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer Foxconn is moving ahead with a plan to acquire a Lordstown Motors vehicle assembly plant in Ohio for $230 million, the companies announced on Wednesday.

Foxconn will hire the auto workers ( 600 ) from Lordstown Motors to build the truck. Also Fisker will be building a car at the plant. Another 1,500 workers. And you also have 300 Amazon jobs created. Another 2,400 jobs to pick from.

So GM closes a auto plant. And thanks to President Trump, almost 6,000 jobs replace 1,500. Capitalism at work.




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CDC report leaves out facts other reports do not.

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Remember that the CDC is 100% pro vaccine and anti natural immunity. So forgive me if this report doesn’t excite me. Here’s what’s missing. Reputable men of Science have done numerous studies on Natural Immunity.  CDC did one. And here’s more.

The CDC tested 7,000 people. All already hospitalized. The Israel test was done on 2.5 million people. Cleveland Clinic also did a test on 55,000 employees and came to the same conclusion. Natural immunity can’t be beat. So to go with one random test on those all ready hospitalized is not Science. Another Medical study.

The findings, published May 24 in the journal Nature, suggest that mild cases of COVID-19 leave those infected with lasting antibody protection and that repeated bouts of illness are likely to be uncommon.

“Last fall, there were reports that antibodies wane quickly after infection with the virus that causes COVID-19, and mainstream media interpreted that to mean that immunity was not long-lived,” said senior author Ali Ellebedy, PhD, an associate professor of pathology & immunology, of medicine and of molecular microbiology. “But that’s a misinterpretation of the data. It’s normal for antibody levels to go down after acute infection, but they don’t go down to zero; they plateau. Here, we found antibody-producing cells in people 11 months after first symptoms. These cells will live and produce antibodies for the rest of people’s lives. That’s strong evidence for long-lasting immunity.”

Now there’s been a part time coffee maker ( Secretary ) practicing medicine claiming that this persons medical research shows that there’s no such thing as antibodies. Well even the CDC disputes that. The WP

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has weighed in for the first time in a detailed science report released with little fanfare Friday evening. Reviewing scores of research studies and its own unpublished data, the agency found that both infection-induced and vaccine-induced immunity are durable for at least six months — but that vaccines are more consistent in their protection and offer a huge boost in antibodies for people previously infected.

Good news: Mild COVID-19 induces lasting antibody protection

These are the medical facts.

 Studies demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger
protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the
Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced
immunity. Individuals who were both previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant.



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Still spending like drunken sailors.

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It’s one thing when our tax money is spent on building border walls and protecting the county. But social programs that protect the undocumented and waste tax dollars is another. Another month of just throwing good money out the window.

The September deficit topped the previous record of $73.2 billion set in June, the Commerce Department reported Thursday. The deficit is the gap between what the United States exports to the rest of the world and the imports it purchases from foreign nations.

In September, exports plunged 3% to $207.6 billion while imports rose 0.6% to $288.5 billion. Part of the weakness reflected a 15.5% drop in petroleum exports related to the drilling rig and refinery shutdowns

The Biden Administration reached another record in September. The trade deficit reached the highest amount ever recorded in US history.


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To use OSHA for this is so asinine. See ya in court. Supreme Court that is.

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So knowing that the Presidents directive is illegal and unconstitutional, this administration does an end around and uses OSHA. OSHA releases a 490 page document saying how dangerous and life threatening a job site is if there’s 100 or more employees if all are not vaccinated.

If there’s 99 then all are saved. No life threatening work site. Does that make any sense? How does COVID know company A has 100 employees and company B has 99 or 98 or 10? So what happens next? Does anyone even need to ask? Last year Biden said there would be no mandates.

OSHA can do a million page document, but if 50-100 K fans can be at a sporting event without dying or getting sick, so can 100 at work. See you in court.



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School Boards across the country getting rid of the filth.

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Nation wide school boards cleansed themself of bad board members. Sweet


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So how powerful is the Trump message? You tell me.

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So how powerful is the Trump message? Powerful enough to see the Republicans make major inroads in Blue states, and helping Republicans keep their seats in red states. NJ is still a toss up, but for a Republican to make it this close in a state that Biden won by 20 points is amazing. And the win in VA.?

The left will learn nothing from this. They’ll say the Democrat candidates aren’t progressive enough. Of course they forget that the progressive  candidates got beat. America’s not ready for left wing racism. What say you?

President Donald Trump celebrated the victory of Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia governor’s race on Tuesday.

“The MAGA movement is bigger and stronger than ever before,” Trump wrote in a statement.


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As inflation takes off, politicians eye more of your money

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As inflation takes off, politicians eye more of your money. Original article can be found here.

In a grocery store near you, prices are up and sizes are down. Inflation is roaring.

This is something former Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers warned about back in February, when he unsuccessfully advised the Biden administration to scale down the size of its $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief legislation. Calling the plan “macroeconomic stimulus on a scale closer to World War II levels than normal recession levels,” he predicted that it could “set off inflationary pressures of a kind we have not seen in a generation.” Summers also wondered how the administration would pay for “the public investments that should be the nation’s highest priority.”

So don’t believe President Biden when he says no one earning less than $400,000 per year will see a tax increase. His claims are wildly inflated.

So what happened? Inflation going up, up, up. Grocery and Utility bills are up. Gas up at the pump or recharge your electric vehicle. What’s  up is not coming down.




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The Airline of Champions. Let’s go Brandon.

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I have to admit that I don’t fly Southwest that often but after the other day I’m convinced that I’ll be making it an airline worth looking at. So now the left wing fanatics and the MSM are upset about old Joe being called out for F ing up this country.

In less than 10 months this man has done damage that may take generations to fix. Now for some reason the fanatics think that firing a pilot will fix all the worlds ills. This is a  movement that Joe will take to his grave. Jill may even put it on his headstone.

So for the foreseeable let’s let Joe know how we feel.

Let’s go Brandon.


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