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How funny is this? California still hasn’t learned. Mask up Kemosabe.

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Well, the loons after lockdown after lockdown, strict restrictions, are still dropping like flys. COVID running rampant, and what is the solution? Masks.

Yes, same masks that the fauch at first said didn’t work, then did work, then said wear two, then said not needed, is needed again. What a bunch of loons.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration announced the new mandate will start Wednesday and last until Jan. 15. The order comes as the per capita rate of new coronavirus cases in California has jumped 47% in the past two weeks. So when do the SS start their door to door and business to business searches?




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How funny is this? Don Lemon feels his boy Jussie’s lie will hurt legitimate hate crime claims. No Don, believing someone just because they are a person of color hurts the facts.

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Please no pictures of Lynching. They will be removed.


The left has been fooled so many times now but still they don’t get. Just because a person of color makes these wild claims, doesn’t make it so. Jussie being the latest incident. When I heard that two white boys jumped a gay black man, my first thought was that two white Progressives attacked a successful black man cause of jealousy and the fact that he was black and gay. See how that works?

Right on the Progressives but wrong on everything else. What ever happened to just the fact? We’ve seen it in so many of these hate crimes, but the hate’s coming from the MSM and the left.

After Smollet attacked himself and posted a video of himself with a rope around his neck, (and blamed two white Trump supporters), both Cory Booker and Kamala Harris used that attack to generate support for their bill. Here’s a picture of their tweets.

Please no pictures of Lynching. They will be removed.


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PA. Governor spokesman asks schools to disobey the state Supreme Court. PA school mask mandate struck down by state Supreme Court.

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According to the Hill and other MSM outlets including Fox, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that Alison Beam, the acting state health secretary, did not have the authority to impose a mask mandate, acted without an existing disaster emergency enacted by the governor and did not follow state laws to enact regulations.

The legislature makes state laws, not the Governor or some health department head. As most know, many of the mandates have no Science behind them. Only the bizarre opinions of some guy who hasn’t practiced medicine in almost 40 years.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is dominated by Democrats. One can only guess that they looked at the Law backed up by Science. A spokesperson for the governor told the outlet it was an “extremely disappointing” ruling and encouraged schools to keep masking despite the lifted health order.

“We join the voices of millions of Pennsylvanians who are pleased to see our Commonwealth’s highest court agree that no unelected government bureaucrat should ever have the sole and unilateral authority to issue open-ended ‘orders’ — whether they focus on public health response or something else,”


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Has it come down to this? Progressive Gulag alive and well in America. Kindergartners forced to eat lunch outside in the cold to stop the spread of COVID.

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This from the Portland Millennial.

Elementary school students in Portland, Oregon were filmed eating lunch outside, socially distanced in cold temperatures, allegedly to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

A shocking video sent to The Post Millennial on Wednesday showed Kindergarten students at Capitol Hill Elementary School eating lunch outside in 40 degree weather while sitting on buckets to social distance.
One of the students’ parents at Capitol Hill Elementary School told The Post Millennial that forcing their children to eat outside was their “final straw” with Portland Public Schools.
A video posted to Twitter shows the miserable scene outside of Capitol Hill Elementary School in Portland, Oregon. The elementary school students were filmed eating lunch outside, sitting on buckets, away from friends in 40-degree temperatures, presumably as part of the school’s COVID-19 mitigation policy.
The Post Millennial reached out to Portland Public Schools for comment but have not yet heard back. This is a developing story and will be updated when more information is made available.




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Parents win. A doxer resigned her position on a so called School Board Racial Committee.

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In Forth Worth, they have a so called School board racial committee. Well a group of parents were upset with the mask policy. So this volunteer board member went after those parents.

On line she posted their names, phone numbers, work phone numbers, work e-mails, and home addresses. Now the courts issued a temporary injunction against the masks. But this didn’t stop this person from calling one of the parents and leaving a cursing laced voicemail. Well the parents won and the doxer resigned.

An officer with a Texas school board’s racial-equity panel resigned Wednesday after fessing up to releasing the personal information of parents online and leaving a profanity laced voicemail for one parent

Here’s what a so called adult had to say.

Garcia-Lopez also acknowledged calling one of the parents who sued the district and leaving a profanity-laced voicemail. “F— you, you stupid b—-. F— you with your White privilege, not caring about the well-being of others, f— you,” Garcia-Lopez said in the voicemail, according to a recording provided to Fox News.

“My message contained harsh language — no threats,” Garcia-Lopez said in her statement. “Some people find my choice of words in that message offensive. But what’s really offensive is that four white parents could hold so much power.”


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Nate Silver trashes WP article on the treatment of Joe Biden.

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Last week there was a WP hack who claimed the media was too soft on Trump and too hard on Biden. Well Nate Silver flipped out. Said that was nothing but trash. The  methodology used was way off.

This from the Washington Post.

In the piece published last week, liberal columnist Dana Milbank complained about Biden’s media coverage being overly tough and implored journalists to do “soul-searching” and “think about what it is we’re delivering to people.”

In a series of tweets, Silver argued the piece’s “sentiment analysis” measuring the positivity and negativity of particular articles written about Trump and Biden was “complete crap,” and gave examples to show how the data could be skewed more positively or negatively than it should have been.





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Amazon Emerging as Top ‘Ocean Vendor’ as it Skirts Supply Chain Using Private Vessels

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Original article can be found here.

Amazon is doing what many companies have been doing. Using their own freight forwarders and avoiding the ports of Long Beach and LA. A friend of mine brings in all his goods into Miami than trucks it up to Chicago. Half the time and a third of the cost.

Ocean freight analyst Steve Ferreira said in a CNBC report:

They are doing over 10,000 containers per month of the small- and medium-sized Chinese exporters. Amazon’s volume as an ocean vendor — that’s right, you heard me correct, they’re considered an ocean vendor — would rank them in the top five transportation companies in the Trans Pacific.

This isn’t the first time the retailer has hired private ships to transport goods, according to CNBC. But Amazon has expanded its plan, which has cut waiting times in ports from more than a month to just days.

“Los Angeles, there’s 79 vessels sitting out there up to 45 days waiting to come into the harbor,” Ferreira said. “Amazon’s latest venture that I’ve been tracking in the last two days, it waited two days in the harbor.” Ferreira said:

Who else would think of putting something going into an obscure port in Washington, and then trucking it down to L.A.? Most people are thinking, well, just bring the ship into L.A. But then you’re experiencing those two-week and three-weeks delay. So Amazon’s really taken advantage of some of the niche strategies I believe that the market needs to employ.

Amazon has produced probably 5,000 to 10,000 of these containers over the last two years I’ve been tracking it. Ferreira said. When they bring these containers onto U.S. soil, once they unload them, guess what? They get to be used in the domestic system and the rail system. They don’t have to return them to Asia like everyone else does.

Even so, Amazon is still feeling the pinch like other retailers because of the supply chain crisis, including a 14 percent rise in out-of-stock items and an average price increase of 25 percent since January 2021, according to the e-commerce management platform CommerceIQ.

CNBC reported on Amazon’s move:

Amazon has been on a spending spree to control as much of the shipping process as possible. It spent more than $61 billion on shipping in 2020, up from just under $38 billion in 2019. Now, Amazon is shipping 72% of its own packages, up from less than 47% in 2019 according to SJ Consulting Group.

It’s even taking control at the first step of the shipping journey by making its own 53-foot cargo containers in China. Containers are in short supply, with long wait times and prices surging from less than $2,000 before the pandemic to $20,000 today. A cargo vessel called the Star Lygra called at the Port of Houston on October 5, 2021, filled with Amazon containers.

Then in 2017, Amazon started quietly operating as a global freight forwarder through a Chinese subsidiary, helping move goods across the ocean for its Chinese sellers who pay to be part of the Fulfilled by Amazon program. Internally, Amazon dubbed this project “Dragon Boat.”

Amazon is also using long-haul aircraft to transport its “highest-margin goods,” which can get smaller amounts of cargo from China to the U.S. much faster.

A handful of other major retailers are also chartering vessels, including Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, Ikea, and Target, according to CNBC.


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Restaurant denies service to police cause they’re armed. Social media gives them a one star and the owners beg for forgiveness.

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This past Friday San Francisco’s finest were asked to leave a restaurant cause they’re guns made the employees and possibly patrons uncomfortable. So the police left. But the owners added fuel to the fire. They supported the employees. What a mistake that was.

Hilda and Jesse’s Operations/Co-Owner Rachel Sillcocks responded to the expulsion of the uniformed officers, writing, “The fact that they were in uniform with multiple weapons on them made our staff uncomfortable, and potentially other guests.” That’s when Social media for once took over and just ripped into this restaurant. The last straw for the owners was the one star rating. They went to Instagram and begged for forgiveness.


“We made a mistake and apologize for the unfortunate incident on Friday when we asked members of the San Francisco Police Department to leave our restaurant,” co-owners Rachel Sillcocks and Kristina Liedags Compton wrote in statement posted to Instagram Sunday afternoon. “We are grateful to all members of the force who work hard to keep us safe, especially during these challenging times.”




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Just think if the Michigan boy shooter was black. Then what?

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Unless you’re living in a cave somewhere you’ve heard about the terrible shooting in Michigan at Oxford High School. Yes they caught the boy plus they also charged the parents. I’m for one glad he’s white.

If the boy was black, you would have riots and protests. Hate groups like Antifa and BLM would be out in full force. ACLU would be defending him and the list goes on. Just something to think about.

Now you have your typical loons calling for more gun laws. The Oakland County Sheriff was asked about that. His response.

We have a a whole lot of gun laws that are meant to hold criminals accountable when they commit a crime, when they use a gun, when they carry a gun illegally, and they are not utilized today. That’s one of our constant concerns around the country…we see this across the nation, we catch somebody illegally with a gun and it’s plead down to a misdemeanour and they’re out.

He added, “I believe the surest way to get a handle on holding people accountable when they’re doing things illegally with a gun is to punish them, and that’s not happening in many communities across America today.”




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Joe Biden’s America. UPS Lays Off 100s of Workers in Biden’s Hometown Scranton

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Whole article is here.


UPS is laying off hundreds of workers in Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Louisville, KY, and President Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

“UPS is transitioning some of the work currently done at one of our Global Business Services offices in Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Louisville, KY, and Scranton, PA to another location,” UPS said. “We are having one-on-one meetings with the affected employees to discuss their next steps with the company, which includes the opportunity to apply for open positions at UPS.”


“This layoff will be permanent, and ‘bumping rights’ (that is, the right to avoid termination by displacing another employee) do not exist,” UPS said in a letter to affected employees.

Employees told local news outlets they feel like “we don’t matter” and that it is “just a terrible blow” for those who have worked for the company for years.

As Newswatch 16 reported:

The employees at the UPS facility in Dunmore we talked to wanted to remain anonymous, but they said they feel like they are “being used” for the company’s busiest time of year before the layoffs take effect.

Jim Bognet, a candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district, expressed his support for Pennsylvanian workers on Twitter. “I will FIGHT for the workers of Northeast Pennsylvania,” Bognet tweeted.


“UPS should be embarrassed to announce their shameful plan to layoff 232 hardworking employees. Unfortunately layoffs, inflation, and misery are all too common in Joe Biden and Matt Cartwright’s America,” Bognet said in a statement. “When I’m in Congress, I’ll fight for the workers of Northeast Pennsylvania. I will fight to cut regulations and help businesses grow.”

“‘Scranton’ Joe Biden and ‘Lapdog’ Matt Cartwright have let down the people of Lackawanna County that they claim to represent,” Bognet said.


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