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Joe Biden’s New Shoes Raise Serious Concern: ‘Is He Going to Wear Them Everywhere?’

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Joe Biden’s New Shoes Raise Serious Concern: ‘Is He Going to Wear Them Everywhere?’

This article is from The Western Journal.

Are President Joe Biden’s shoes the latest clue to his growing incompetency?

As you may have seen recently, the octogenarian president has been spotted wearing Sketchers slip-ons without socks on a few occasions recently. What you may not know is that he seems to like these shoes — a lot. In fact, he likes them so much that he’s been spotted with them in a suit, in business casual and even on the beach.

As a Twitter user pointed out in a Sunday tweet, this is the latest shot of the president in what appear to be Sketchers Ultra-Flex 3.0 slip-on shoes. It’s worth noting that, according to Politico, Biden didn’t know he was being photographed by the media, who stayed along the water line when the first family visited Rehobeth Beach in Delaware this weekend.

“On Sunday, as the Bidens arrived at Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach, they were kept high atop the dunes. The press pool noted some details of what they wore — bright blue shorts, a navy blue shirt, hat and sneakers for the president; a white top, blue skirt, hat and flip-flops for the first lady — but little else. They observed the Bidens parking themselves on some beach chairs beneath an umbrella and beginning to read. Then after 12 minutes, they were escorted away and waited in vans for the next three hours until the Bidens headed home,” Politico reported.

“So when photos of the shirtless president on the beach started lighting up the internet, it came as something of a surprise to the journalists in the pool vans — and to the White House.”

Not a pleasant one, at that. Granted, few men over 35 should probably be showing off their beach bod, but the mound of flesh combined with the backwards baseball cap (gramps is trying to imitate the cool kids 30 years ago!), aviator shades and the Sketchers made the shot truly bizarre.

But, as the same Twitter user noted, the president’s been wearing the same shoes quite a bit recently.

With a suit? Check. With khakis? Check. And without a shirt at all? Check. (Maybe he got the 7-Eleven sign wrong: If you have shoes but still no shirt, you’re not going to get service, either.) The Sketchers first became a hot topic of debate after a New York Times photographer noticed them last month.

That picture led to a debate over the propriety of sneakers without socks, including this invaluable contribution from one half of the liberal Krassenstein brothers, proving yet again there’s no issue a Krassenstein can’t turn into clickbait:



The New York Times and Conservatives are now reporting that Joe Biden boarded Air Force One today without socks on with his sneakers. A simple 30 second reverse image search in Google would have found out that Biden was wearing a $90 pair of Skechers Slip-ins: Ultra Flex 3.0.…

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