Biden Supporters show their true colors. Attack a lady wearing a T-Shirt with a picture of the American flag and George Washington.

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Biden Supporters show their true colors. Attack a lady wearing a T-Shirt with a picture of the American flag and George Washington. How disgusting. Only from the Biden Alt Left do we see things like this. Fact Check.

A video shot at a protest in San Francisco shows a woman wearing a t-shirt with a U.S. flag and George Washington silkscreen being harassed, assaulted, and robbed. After stealing her property, the mob continued to taunt her as she tried to walk away.

The incident occurred as multiple protests took place across the city. This particular incident happened around the quarter from a Free Speech Protest at the Twitter headquarters on Market Street.



Throw it up against the wall. See what sticks. Disqus up votes gone.

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Throw it up against the wall. See what sticks. Disqus up votes gone. This will be a new feature I’m going to try on the weekends. I’ll throw something out and see if it sticks. You can also make suggestions for articles.

Our first one will be the disappearance of up votes. I’m estimating that I’ve lost over 250,000 up votes. Now I still show over 100,000. Some folks show negative numbers, and many show 0. Tell us what you lost.



A real QB to be spokesman for the new Lordstown Motors Truck. Aren’t you glad you didn’t sell your house?

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A real QB to be spokesman for the new Lordstown Motors Truck. Aren’t you glad you didn’t sell your house? Lordstown Motors could have gone to the racist scrap pile and picked up a spokesman of hate.

Before it’s release, the Lordstown Motors Endurance all-electric pickup has signed a big endorsement deal to bring brand awareness to the truck. Lordstown Motors signed Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow as the first brand partner for the Endurance truck.

The “Work for it” campaign kicks off with Burrow as the face.Burrow highlights the phrase “If you want something better, work for it,” for both him and Lordstown Motors.

Beside being picked the number one choice for the Post office contract, this was just released. A betting site listed the Endurance with the third-best odds to get an all-electric pickup to market first, trailing the Rivian R1T and Cybertuck from Tesla TSLA.







California theme parks push back on restrictions in state’s draft reopening plan.

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California theme parks push back on restrictions in state’s draft reopening plan. Will this governor never cease to amaze you? How can he in good conscience not allow theme parks to even open at a limited occupancy?

Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott’s Berry Farm, SeaWorld San Diego, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Legoland California and other California theme parks closed in mid-March as the COVID-19 pandemic forced business across the U.S. to shutter their operations and society to adjust to the “new normal.”

Look at these crazy restrictions. The parks want them changed.

  • Individual theme parks can reopen only once their county reaches the least-restrictive “minimal” risk level

  • Operate at 25% of attendance capacity

  • Limit visitors to residents living within a 120-mile radius of each theme park

The state’s draft guidelines present two key problems for theme parks:

  • Placing theme parks in the final tier of the Blueprint for a Safer Economy means the severity of the guidelines never change until the pandemic ends
  • Reaching the least-restrictive “minimal” tier could be difficult to nearly impossible for California’s most-populous counties

The draft guidelines likely would prevent California theme parks from reopening for weeks or months.

California theme parks likely would not be able to set reopening dates until their respective counties entered the “minimal” tier — or not at all if their counties were stuck at a more-restrictive level.


So if there are minimal to no covid outbreaks at the parks, they must close if the county they’re in have outbreaks. What does the governor think is going to happen? People with the virus will flock to the parks?


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Poll. Is the Media protecting Joe Biden?

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Poll. Is the Media protecting Joe Biden? Of course. No tough questions, ignoring his gaffs, past racist remarks, and the sexual assult allegations.




When she announced the event on Sept. 30, she said that BLEXIT would be giving away a limited number of travel stipends. Owens sets the record straight.

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Conservative activist and BLEXIT founder Candace Owens organized a law and order event on the White House South Lawn Saturday, President Trump’s first since testing positive for COVID-19 Oct. 1.

When she announced the event on Sept. 30, she said that BLEXIT would be giving away a limited number of travel stipends. Owens sets the record straight. Yes the left is going crazy cause the MAJORITY of those hearing the President were masked and a mixture of black and brown.

Yes back in September Owens announced that her organization was going to pay for those who could not afford it. She has said it on several occasions.

“had a small group of attendees who asked for financial help to make the event so we secured travel stipends for them.”

“Time to do a BLEXIT event. If you are a minority in America and you are actually bored with the fake blm narrative and the fake white supremacy narrative, we have just decided that we are going to host a massive demonstration against the media narrative,” Owens wrote on Instagram. “We are giving away a limited amount of travel stipends to those that really them.”



I would like to address my lurkers. Do you actually think that anyone believes you?

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I would like to address my lurkers. Do you actually think that anyone believes you? Now what and who are the lurkers here? My definition is a bit different. There’s a group of about six who come from two different blogs. Now they have never posted on any of my channels, but they come over on a daily basis. They then go back to their channels and do articles about myself and others who post on my channels. Or they copy articles that have already been written about here or the Sentry Bugle.

Don’t get me wrong. They’re welcome here, and I have no issues with them posting here. If they can be civil. Same rules for everyone. But here’s what got me to writing this article.

I got an e-mail that showed me a few comments on what I think are two different articles. In both a person mentions that they have only lurked here once. Now I have some expensive software that was purchased. One being disqus pro. Everyone who comes here it tracks. Here’s their comments.

Now I have in the past mentioned that the one person was here 2,000 times and the other over 1,000 times. So I went back a few months to see if they still lurk here.

Again like I said, they’re welcome to stop in if they wish. But I just wish they would be honest and open about it. Oh and when they use their socks or VPN? I have software that catches that also.




Fact Checking Joe Biden. He lies on a regular basis.

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Fact  Checking Joe Biden. He lies on a regular basis. So I thought I should post a few videos and comments. Biden said that Trump told the Proud boys to wait till after the election to riot. Sit back and enjoy.




BIDEN: “The fact is that I’ve gone head to head with Putin.”

FACT: Biden has a record of being weak on Russia.

  • The Russia “reset,” which Biden was the first Obama official to publicly propose, was a failure.
  • The Obama-Biden Administration refused requests by Ukraine for lethal weapons to use against Russian aggression in Crimea.
  • Russian election interference occurred on Biden’s watch.
  • In 2012, Biden mocked the idea that “Russia is still our major adversary,” saying Russia was “working closely with us.”

BIDEN: “We have a higher deficit with China now than we did before.”

FACT: The trade deficit with China is falling and “fell sharply” in 2019.

BIDEN: “The fact of the matter is violent crime went down 17%, 15%, in our administration.”

FACT: Fact checkers have said this claim is “overstated,” and violent crime rose by more than 4 percent during the last two years Biden was Vice President.

BIDEN: “You don’t have to solicit the ballot, it’s sent you—it’s sent to your home. What we are saying is, they are saying it has to be postmarked by Election Day. If it doesn’t get in until the seventh, eighth, ninth, it still should be counted. He’s just afraid of counting the votes because of the outcome.”

FACT: Biden is wrong that states with mass vote by mail require postmarks; Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court explicitly said ballots, even those without postmarks, will be assumed to be valid.

  • The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ruled that ballots received up to three days after Election Day, even if they’re not postmarked, must be counted.
  • In Wisconsin, ballots that were not postmarked in time for an April 7 ballot-measure election were counted in some counties.

BIDEN: “The way you talk about the military, the way you talk about them being losers and being ah- and just being suckers.”

FACT: At least 14 officials who were on the trip to France with President Trump have gone on the record to refute the anonymous sources and allegations in The Atlantic article.

BIDEN: “Look, what I support is the police having the opportunity to deal with the problems they face. I am totally opposed to defunding the police officers.”

FACT: As Vice President, Joe Biden oversaw cuts in federal funding for state and local law enforcement, breaking a pledge to increase funding.

  • Biden said “yes, absolutely” when asked if he would redirect funding away from police to other government programs like housing.
    • Kamala Harris recently said a Biden-Harris Administration would “reimagine” public safety, which is the same language used by left-wing “defund the police” activists.
    • The Biden-Sanders unity platform’s proposed destruction of qualified immunity for police would financially eviscerate local police departments even further.
  • Biden cut police funding when he was Vice President.
    • Despite candidate-Biden’s promise in 2008 to fully fund the COPS program, the Obama-Biden Administration slashed COPS funding from $1.55 billion to $222 million.
    • At the time, police groups protested the Obama-Biden cuts, calling the funding reductions “simply irresponsible.”
    • Federal funding for state and local law enforcement fell during the Obama-Biden Administration.

BIDEN: “Even before COVID, manufacturing went in the hole.”

FACT: Half a million manufacturing jobs were created during the first three years of the Trump Administration.

  • The economy added 510,000 new manufacturing jobs between President Trump’s Election and February 2020.
    • In 2018, the U.S. added 264,000 new manufacturing jobs, the best one-year total in 30 years.
  • The U.S. has added more than 13,000 factories under President Trump.
  • During the Obama-Biden Administration, the United states lost 192,000 manufacturing jobs.
    • During the Trump Administration’s first 37 months, manufacturing production grew at a rate 11 times greater than the last 37 months under the Obama-Biden Administration.

TRUMP: “[Hunter Biden] got $3.5 million dollars.” BIDEN: “That is not true.”

FACT: The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee recently released a report saying that Hunter Biden’s firm did in fact receive $3.5 million from the wife of the Mayor of Moscow.

  • Biden’s firm, Rosemont Seneca Thornton, received a $3.5 million wire transfer in 2014 from Russian billionaire Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.

BIDEN: “[President Trump] said there were very fine people on both sides.”

FACT: This is an often-repeated Biden lie; President Trump specifically condemned neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville.

BIDEN: “We inherited the worst recession short of a depression in American history. I was asked to bring it back. We were able to have an economic recovery that created the jobs you’re talking about. We handed him a booming economy.”

FACT: Biden oversaw the slowest recovery since the Great Depression, leaving behind millions of hard-working Americans.

  • Joe Biden’s economic recovery was a once-in a century failure: he’s even said so himself.

BIDEN: “The economy is busted.”

FACT: Before the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump built the greatest economy in American history, and he is working to bring it back.

  • Through the first three years of the Trump Administration, the U.S. economy saw nearly 7.3 million new jobs, higher growth, and a record setting stock market.
  • Workers saw higher wages, lower taxes, record low unemployment rates, and a thriving labor market.
  • 6.6 million Americans were lifted out of poverty and millions were lifted off food stamps.
  • In just four months, the economy has already recovered over 10.6 million jobs, nearly half the jobs lost due to the pandemic.


WALLACE: “The president says it’s a V-shaped recovery, you say it’s a K-shaped recovery. What’s the difference?” BIDEN: “The difference is millionaires and billionaires like him in the middle of the Covid crisis have done very well.”

FACT: President Trump is leading an unprecedented economic recovery that is benefitting all Americans.

  • The economy has added back 10.6 million jobs over the last four months, half of all the jobs lost due to the pandemic.
  • The unemployment rate fell to 8.4% in August and saw the second-largest one month decrease in U.S. history.
  • Retail sales have increased four months in a row, with consumer spending already reaching pre-pandemic levels.
  • Consumer confidence in September posted the biggest gain in 17 years.
  • Weekly jobless claims continue a downward trend, beating expectations and falling to their lowest level since mid-March.
  • American manufacturing has grown for four straight months.
  • The stock market has rebounded, with the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq both recently achieving new record highs.


TRUMP: “But he wants to shut it [the economy] down.” BIDEN: “No.”

FACT: Biden and his campaign have admitted that he would potentially shut down the economy again.

  • In August, Joe Biden openly said that he was prepared to shut down the country again.
  • Biden campaign spokesperson Symone Sanders admitted that Biden would shut down the economy again.
  • Biden surrogate Senator Chris Coons admitted Biden would shut down the economy again.

WALLACE: “But you and Senator Harris are saying you can’t trust a scientist.” BIDEN: “No, you can trust a scientist. She didn’t say that.” WALLACE: “She said they would be ‘muzzled and suppressed.’” BIDEN: “Well, that’s what he’s going to try and do.”

FACT: President Trump has listened to scientists and public health experts every step of the way.

  • Dr. Fauci has said on multiple occasions that he has never been muzzled.
  • “Biden went too far when he claimed that Trump ‘hasn’t allowed his scientists to speak’ about the coronavirus.”

BIDEN: “What did he do? He went in, and he, we were insisting that the Chinese, the people we had on the ground in China should be able to go to Wuhan and determine for themselves how dangerous this was. He didn’t even ask [Chinese President] Xi to do that.”

FACT: The Trump Administration first tried to get American officials into China in early January; Biden didn’t call for sending experts into China until February 25, 50 days later.

  • This often repeated claim by Biden has been repeatedly debunked by fact-checkers.
  • CDC Director Robert Redfield offered to send CDC experts to China as early as January 4, and the issue was raised multiple times by Administration officials in the weeks after.
    • President Trump personally raised the issue in a call with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.
  • Biden did not call on China to admit U.S. experts until February 25, after U.S. officials were already on the ground.

BIDEN: “He’s been promising a health care plan since he got elected. He has none, like almost everything else he talks about. He does not have a plan. He doesn’t have a plan.”

FACT: President Trump has a health care plan.

  • On September 24, President Trump unveiled his America First Health Care plan, outlining the key policies and reforms the President supports, including protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions.
  • In August, President Trump released his second term agenda, which includes health care as a central focus.

BIDEN: “We expand Obamacare and we increase it. We do not wipe any and, one of the big debates we had, with 23 of my colleagues trying to win the nomination that I won, were saying Biden wanted to allow people to have private insurance still. They can. They do. They will.”

FACT: Biden’s public option will crowd out private health insurance plans.

  • Biden’s government-backed “public option” will crowd out private health insurance plans, destroying the health care that 180 million Americans rely on.
  • One of the architects of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, said a public option would crowd out private insurance.
  • In 2009, Barack Obama admitted that a “public option” could crowd out private insurance.

“I don’t own any stocks,” Biden said as an attack against President Trump for (gasp) focusing on the stock market.

BIDEN: “There’s a hundred million people with preexisting conditions and [their insurance will] be taken away as well.”

FACT: Biden’s claim has been called “misleading,” and President Trump has said he will always protect Americans with pre-existing conditions.




“The president said [coronavirus] was a hoax.” Harris repeated a frequent lie from the Biden campaign that has been debunked by at least 8 fact checkers; President Trump never called the coronavirus a hoax.

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“The president said [coronavirus] was a hoax.” Harris repeated a frequent lie from the Biden campaign that has been debunked by at least 8 fact checkers; President Trump never called the coronavirus a hoax. That’s right. eight fact checkers that we know of debunked Harris’s claim.

No one ever accused her of being a honest person. But when eight liberal organizations call Harris and Biden fibers, why would anyone be surprised? Below this article are eight links. Check them out.

All eight fact checkers are Liberal sources. So you be the judge.


  • The Washington Post gave Biden’s campaign 4 Pinocchios for making this claim.
  • The Associated Press: “Biden distorts Trump’s words on virus ‘hoax.’”
  • CNN: “Biden ad misleadingly suggests Trump called Covid-19 a ‘hoax.’”
  • PolitiFact: “Biden’s video is inaccurate. We rate it False.”
  • “Trump said that when he used the word “hoax,” he was referring to Democrats finding fault with his administration’s response to coronavirus, not the virus itself.”
  • Check Your Fact: Trump “did not refer to the coronavirus itself as a hoax.”
  • Lead Stories: “Trump Did NOT Call Coronavirus A ‘Hoax’ Or ‘Political Conspiracy.”
  • Snopes: “Trump did not call the coronavirus itself a hoax.”



Changes for Looking at today’s world.

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Changes for Looking at today’s world. I know, only been around since May and changing already. I’ve pretty much ignored this channel. But that will be changing. As you may or may not know, this channel has been mostly political. Some music, food, and recipes. Polls, Politics, and Music will stayNon- Political Polls, Food, and recipes will be moving over to Koda.

Three other changes.

One. I’ve decided to take the  articles and put them more into my words. My views.

Two. you will know the sources by the words that are underlined and in Red.

Three. More adds so be patient as I get the bugs out. Besides Amazon, working with disqus, Best Buy, Walmart, E-Bay and others.

Even though I’ve posted very few articles this month, over 20,000 folks have viewed the articles. Now the least views have been from disqus followers ( 3,000 ).

Now I’ve tried to keep a good mix. Some folks I’ve not sent invites for political discussions. If you wish to be removed or do not wish to be invited for political discussions, please let me know.


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